The Ghana Police Administration has captured the so called Evangelist, Patricia Oduro Koranteng assumed name Nana Agradaa, pioneer behind Sky Champion Worldwide Service at Kasoa for the subsequent time following claims of cash multiplying trick evened out against her by certain individuals from her congregation.

Nana Agradaa was captured on Sunday and hurried to the More noteworthy Accra Local Police Order to aid an examination after viral recordings showing some congregation individuals blaming her for hoodwinking them with cash multiplying trick.

Cash Multiplying

The apologized obsession priestess Nana Agradaa, throughout the end of the week, struck again by defrauding many her congregation individuals to whom she had guaranteed free cash with her cash multiplying trick, known as “Sika Gari”.

She supposedly executed the trick against the believers of the Sky Way Church in Weija, Accra after she purportedly vowed to give them GH¢300,000 on her Transmission which she said to twofold anything that cash a part brings during an exceptional the entire night administration on Friday, October 7, 2022.

Frantic Surge Of Chapel Individuals

The journey for a fast and simple method for bringing in cash pulled in additional gatherers to the congregation she as of late established, to offer different amounts of cash with the expectation of having it in tenfolds.

Last Friday, individuals from her congregation went agog after she neglected to satisfy her guarantee to them that she would give them huge amounts of monies assuming they gave their monies to her.

The people in question, be that as it may, were left frustrated after Nana Agradaa vanished in the wake of gathering their monies over the course of the evening.

This brought about tumultuous scenes at the congregation premises the following morning as wronged church individuals who remained over the course of the night irately meander about in tears without knowing the subsequent stage to take.

The wronged casualties cried and fought at her congregation premises in Weija to request a discount of their monies.

The congregation individuals made sense of that she had gathered enormous amounts of cash from them with guarantees that she would give them significantly more august aggregates.

Casualties Downpour Condemnations

A portion of the casualties who cried down-poured curses on her and her ministers, supplicating that the condemnations seek after them for a long time into the future.

A male casualty said “You these righteous men and the things you are doing in this country… You ought to be consistent. How could you welcome someone to your congregation just to hoodwink the individual?”

One casualty said “She has gathered our cash. She has gathered aggregates going between 5,000,000 (sic). She has gathered enormous amounts of cash from many individuals. However at that point she neglected to give them the cash she vowed to give us, which has prompted this issue.”

Another individual said that Lady Agradaa had vowed to share cash on Friday, however neglected to do as such. She gathered the entirety of the cash. Indeed, even our transportation cash, so we can’t return”.

Police Prior Experience

Nonetheless, last Saturday night, the Police in an explanation delivered said they have started an examination concerning the matter after the recordings of the casualties became a web sensation.

“The Police have started examination concerning asserted cash multiplying trick purportedly executed against certain individuals from the Sky Way Church in Weija, Accra, by the organizer behind the congregation Patricia Asiedua.

“The examination was started following reports that have come to the consideration of the Police with regards to this issue,” extracts of the police articulation read.

The Police additionally asked anybody with data that can help the examination to answer to the Accra Local Police Order at Accra.

“While the examination proceeds, we encouraged the casualties to keep quiet and honest”. the police said.

Who Is She

Before she turned into a priestess basically short-term, Agradaa, was notable for utilizing hooligans to attack her casualties who considered testing her jokes at Sowutuom in Accra, where she had a functional focus.

She was just captured by the police after a significant media crusade, yet was given up by the police after she guaranteed she was currently a Christian.

First Capture

On April 21, 2021, she was captured by a group of Police and Public safety Knowledge Agents, as a team with the Public Correspondences Authority, after they working together raged the premises of two satellite TV slots, in particular, Thunder television and Ice1 television, who were illicitly sending without licenses, at Kasoa in the Focal District.

The group captured the wrongdoers among which incorporated the proprietor of Thunder television, Persistence Asiedua, prevalently known as Nana Agradaa and held onto two gear each utilized in the unlawful transmission from the two premises.

Nana Agradaa was publicizing her “Sika Gari” show on her Channel, which she asserts is her own god that duplicates cash for certain customs she makes.

She conceded this wrongdoing at that point and was put in authority to help with additional examinations.


On June 17, 2021, an Accra Circuit Court condemned her to a fine of GH¢36,000 for working a TV station without permit and showing charlatanic materials.

In default, Nana Agradaa will serve three years detainment in difficult work on the charge of working a TV slot without permit.

On showing charlatanic materials, for which she ought to pay a fine of GH¢10,000, she would serve a year in jail would it be advisable for her she default.

The sentences are, in any case, to simultaneously run.

Supplication Changed

The court, managed by Emmanuel Essandoh, indicted Agradaa on her own supplication.

She had before argued not blameworthy, yet transformed it to liable.

Another Capture

Nana Agradaa was captured in April this year after a group of officials from the police and Public safety, as a team with the Public Correspondences Authority, struck the premises of her two television working together stations at Kasoa in the Focal District.

The group additionally held onto hardware utilized in the transmission of TV signals from the two stations.

Her capture was important for an activity that prompted the conclusion of 49 TV slots in the country on a solitary day.

Before her capture, many her vcitims had cases forthcoming at different police headquarters against her. She was not arraigned on even one case.


On April 29, not long after being conceded police bail, Agradaa reported that she was presently a Christian and a minister.

She later strutted a few people of God before her home at Sowutuom and consumed a few bits of wood she guaranteed were her divine beings.