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Visual content always makes a greater impact on the minds of the viewers on social media and other online platforms. People tend to return 22% of the commodities they purchase online because it appears different in real life. These results clearly state that good quality product photographs a significant role in driving online sales.

High-quality product images are an integral part of attracting potential customers, sales conversion, and retention of customers. This article highlights and good practices for product photography that will ensure your higher sales conversion.

Benefits of high-resolution product photographs for attracting customers

Sales on E-Commerce platforms are determined by multiple factors, and the product itself is one of them. It is important to represent the product in its actual form. An effective eCommerce product photoshoot is a major factor for driving higher sales. Below are some of the innovative ideas that will surely benefit businesses in showcasing their product in a better way.

Understanding what the customer is looking for

Customers can not simply be directed to the camping website for a particular product; pictures play a chief role in influencing the thinking process of potential customers. It is important to realize the customer that your product is a solution to the issues they are facing. High-quality photographs serve as tools for conveying these messages. Perfectly framed and shot photographs play a key role in grabbing the attention of potential customers as they browse through product pages.

Establishing the brand

Good quality product photographs are the best means of establishing a brand in the online market. Organizations that put up good quality images consistently on their web pages eventually get recognized by the customers. Such organizations are valued to be more professional, innovative, and diverse than the rest. It grows a feeling of trust among customers get the Grand league care and understand the preference of the target audience.

Starting a silent conversation

People nowadays have very little time as they browse through different online platforms and product pages while looking for a particular product. Product photographs attract attention more than the text in product information and descriptions. Displaying the product features, colors, and sizes alongside the images help in grabbing the attention of the buyers.

Setting the right expectations

As discussed above a large number of the commodities that are purchased online end up being returned by the customer simply because they look different on the listed photographs. Convincing individuals for purchasing a product in a retail store is much easier compared to online platforms.  Businesses are always recommended to list products in their original form rather than using and necessary effects and filters. It helps in setting the customer’s expectations rightly about what they are looking at.

Another important factor that convinces a shopper in purchasing a particular product is the number of days within which the product can be sent back. Online shoppers usually take impulsive decisions, being aware that the product can be easy if they are not satisfied with it.

Such facilities are always a welcome move for attracting customers, but businesses should also keep an eye on their expenses. Limited policies help in setting the customer’s expectations rightly while ensuring a healthy business.

Staying ahead of competitors

Online platforms are of the view that their product line is 100% unique, being unaware that competitors in different parts of the earth are also selling products with similar quality and features. High-quality images help in showcasing the quality and features of the product to potential buyers. 

These advantages become all the more effective when paired with some of the best practices of professional product photography as discussed in the following section

Lighting setup

Irrespective of the type of product the lighting plays a key role in product photography. Typically two types of lighting setup are used for shooting high-quality images of products.

  • Natural lighting- Products are shot in natural lighting conditions as it helps in highlighting the true features and details of the product. Natural lighting is most suitable for products that are designed for outdoor purposes.
  • Artificial lighting- Artificial lighting setups are used for shooting products in indoor conditions. This setup is used by professionals while taking a close-up of products for online listing.


More than 75% of product photographs are taken against white backgrounds; it allows the viewer to focus upon the main subject without getting distracted. Backgrounds play a significant role in product photography as it can completely change the appearance and purpose of a product. Professionals typically use white or pastel-colored backgrounds for highlighting the product in the frame. Dark-colored backgrounds are used for luxury products.

Camera setup

Established businesses have the option of choosing from a wide range of cameras devices that will show their requirement. Most organizations Frankfurt to hire proficient with product photography services equipped with all kind of professional equipment to take high-quality images of the product.

Investing in professional product photography help businesses save a lot of resources and time. Product photography services have the necessary knowledge of framing products online listings. Professional photographers function to understand post-production work to deliver top quality photographs. To make your photos more eye-catching, contact product retouching services that will send you edited pictures within set deadlines.

Composition of the photographs

Composition requested the different elements like the angle, texture, framing, mode of photographs. It helps in detail mining the engagement of the target audience with the business. Cosmetic products are usually short in an angle with blurry backgrounds; this is done to highlight the features of the items. Similarly, food items are always short against dark backgrounds with the subject in the middle of the frame. T making the food looks a lot more vibrant and tempting for the customers.

Product photography experts always suggest keeping the frame clutter-free to highlight the main subject in the frame. Taking close up shots of the products helps in highlighting the small details and also gives the customer an idea of its quality. Similarly, the product must be listed multiple photographs from different angles so that the customer gets to look around the product and have an idea of its physical form factor. Businesses are always recommended to hire product photography services for saving your valuable time, money, and efforts without affecting the quality of professional product photography.

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