Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

AdMaven is an advertising platform that provides advertising and endorsement responses to advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, AdMaven ensures stepped-forward CPM and conversion rates. For publishers, this maximizes productivity and can increase general income.

On AdMaven, publishers can earn their ad revenue by monetizing their inventory by combining certain ad formats (traditional popups, banners, light boxes, sliders, interstitials, and new tab options). It allows publishers to diversify their sales mix and reduce their business risk. In this article check best ad networks for publishers to earn money from your website.

AdMaven Ad Formats

AdMaven helps more than one ad format for its publishers, inclusive of native push notifications, Pop-under ads, Interstitial & Banner, etc. to assist them to pick the proper ad format that works quality for them. However, as we have got already discussed, AdMaven particularly specializes in Push & Pop-under ads as they work so nicely in attracting viewers.

Here’s what you want to recognize approximately AdMaven ad formats.

Native push notifications

Native push notifications will let you monetize or put it on the market together along with your audience even though they’re now no longer surfing the web. That’s why push ads are taken into consideration the maximum attractive advertisements, which ship notification advertisements to customers when they pick to update.

Pop-up ads

Pop-under advertisements are designed to be the quality acting ads of our time. It is an advertising page that opens one at a time at the back of the main browser window or tab. These ads are very powerful in terms of engagement, that is why AdMaven focuses greater on the pop-up and push notification ads.


Interstitial ads are essentially full-display screen ads displayed solely earlier than or after the supposed content page, generally with a timer. These ads cover the whole interface in their host software or website at the same time as acting a particular action.

Native banner

You are all very familiar with this layout as maximum people generally tend to apply banner ads.

Benefits of AdMaven for Publishers

·  Highest CPM in comparison to others

·  Multiple ad formats for clean integration

·  Full coverage, 100% fill rate

·  Convenient price method

·  10% referral program for publishers

·  dedicated support

AdMaven Ad Network Features

AdMaven is referred to as the excellent CPA ad network for publishers. However, the network additionally helps mainstream show ads, together with banners, lightbox, interstitials, and sliders. They serve loads of millions of ad impressions in about 200 countries.

Quick Support:

AdMaven presents guides through various channels. Such as telephone, e-mail, and telegram. If you are having trouble running your ad, you could name them immediately or ask approximately their Telegram channel. There you’ll get 24-hour help.

Max CPM:

AdMaven gives one of the maximum CPMs in the ad network industry.  


·  AdMaven gives one of the maximum CPMs in the ad network industry

·  There are alternatives for popups or popups for landing pages. This facilitates publishers to gauge which plays higher.

·  The presence of an account manager facilitates achieving the publisher’s goals.

·  Use the latest technology to apply RTB, which facilitates publishers to get excellent exposure.

AdMaven payment:

AdMaven sends income on monthly basis. There are several options available through which you could make payments. Payment methods consist of PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin.

Numerous tools:

AdMaven gives publishers lots of advert sizes and styles to apply on their sites. They provide a plethora of technology that assists tailor ads to consumer behavior and purpose.

Monetization opportunities:

AdMaven gives unparalleled monetization opportunities for lots of customers and impressions throughout all devices and regions. This, mixed with a high eCPM, can increase publisher sales.


Minimum traffic: none


The huge choice of ad networks means that each writer can discover an excellent solution. In my opinion AdMaven is the best ad network for your website to earn money online. Publishers want to remember their necessities after which decide on ad networks or numerous ad networks.

What are the publisher traffic necessities for AdMaven?

Ad Maven calls for no less than 2,500 particular visitors consistent per month, and all publishers ought to publish their traffic for approval after account creation.

What is the average CPM rate for Ad Network AdMaven?

AdMaven has an excessive fee consistent with thousands of impressions. As a result, publishers benefit from