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Acumen EHR

Acumen EHR is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software for nephrology practices designed by Acumen Physician Solutions. It allows them to handle, disseminate, and store client health records more effectively. This data is stored in the Acumen EHR system and can be shared with the care teams at the practices. ICSA Labs has certified the web-based EHR as an Ambulatory Complete EHR, and it is already in use by over 1,000 clinicians. Thanks to the HIPAA-compliant system, all clinicians in nephrology practice can safely access client data. It shows their most recent clinical reports, charts, and other pertinent information on a single screen.

Through its Acumen PM software, the firm also provides Practice Management services. The tool makes appointments for patients, facilitates CKD reporting, keeps track of dialysis and hospital patients, and integrates with Acumen EHR and other EHR platforms. Acumen nEHR also has a mobile app that allows practices to use their smartphones or tablets to plan appointments, track patients throughout the practice, and manage billing.

Top 3 Acumen EHR Features:

Client Scheduling

Most healthcare practices struggle to keep track of appointments. The appointment scheduling feature in Acumen EMR is one of the most popular features. This feature allows users to schedule as many appointments as possible in an afternoon, increasing a facility’s efficiency and revenue. Quickly increase productivity in arranging meetings throughout the workday with this EHR solution. The appointment control tool also helps to reduce no-shows in the office. It accomplishes this by sending appointment reminders to patients, and if a person cancels at the last minute, this ingenious system immediately swaps their slot with a new one.

Patient Portal

The patient portal feature is the next Acumen EHR feature that we’d like to talk about. Users that try out the Acumen EHR Demo find this feature quite useful because it allows their patients to search the web and actively participate in their care. This enables customers to access a portal and utilize it to schedule appointments, obtain medication refills, check test results, keep track of upcoming visits, communicate with suppliers through a secure gateway, and much more. Medical specialists can also relax because they don’t have to deal with these administrative tasks and can instead delegate them to patients.

Billing Capabilities

Acumen EHR’s powerful billing tool helps to cut denial fees dramatically. It makes dealing with RCM billing responsibilities easier than before. This function reduces the number of billing errors, making the process easier for both doctors and their patients. Furthermore, it assists in the delivery of reminders to patients who have made timely payments, as well as the notification of outstanding invoices. This ensures faster reimbursements by utilizing assistance to remember what charges are waiting if physicians wish to obtain.

Clinician Insight EMR:

Clinician Insight EMR is a ten-year-old electronic health records solution. It explicitly targets techniques in physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Clinician is a sophisticated mixture of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, practice management, billing mechanism, and revenue management cycle, to put it another way.

The system attempts to manage the clinical and administrative components of outpatient therapy properly. It was the invention of a weary therapist who was tired of spending time on paperwork and finances rather than delivering therapeutic care to patients. He worked tirelessly to develop a conducive setting for therapy procedures, which is how the EMR Clinician was born.

Top Insight EMR Features

Finance Management

Insight EMR feels that therapists should concentrate more on patient care. As a result, Clinician EMR software includes a robust billing platform as well as claims and revenue management cycles. As a result, this top-of-the-line technology takes care of the funds on its own. It also eliminates the need for providers to switch between several software.

The billing system is robust to the point that it automates two-thirds of the typical labor-intensive billing operations. After consultations, bills are generated automatically and shared with clients. The method creates a single patient record in a central database, reducing the need for redundant data. Users can also utilize the system to process claims, do eligibility checks, deal with refused claims, and follow up with insurers. Another feature allows customers to view their financial health as well as their progress against defined key performance measures.

Advanced Reporting

Clinician’s EMR software includes advanced reporting and analytics features to help you make the most out of your time. These technologies look for any red flags that could hinder a facility’s expansion or operations. The service makes every effort to provide instructions for overcoming these potential hazards.

Users can access a powerful dashboard that displays high-priority tasks and important issue reports. Numerous interactive reports are also available, including information on a facility’s financial health, operational procedures, denied claims, and more. Finally, its predictive analytic capabilities allow for a speedier and error-free report creation process. This is one of the most talked about Insight EMR features as per Insight EMR reviews. 


Interoperability is a critical element that distinguishes an EHR solution. It integrates healthcare ecosystems across all barriers in order to give patients optimal and seamless care. For example, therapists can obtain the most recent health data updates while using their EHR to perform their routine operations using Clinician.

This outstanding service makes it easier for patients to get to the point of care. They have the ability to move in and out of different care facilities at any moment. Providers can track patients to keep an eye on them. They can also share sensitive information with other professionals in response to patient requests. And they can do the same with other specialists without risk of losing important data.

Final Words!

Before jumping to conclusions, make sure you get in touch with the vendors and schedule a demo with both of them. Check out all the features of both software in detail and understand which software will suit your practice more. Other than that, you can go through online reviews to see what the current customers have to say about these two products. 

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