Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Gabriella Melrose is an actress and entrepreneur from Lithuania. Gabriella comes from a wealthy Lithuanian family and currently lives in the UK. For many years talented woman was involved in the fashion and entertainment industries. She has acted in films, posed for magazine covers and organised luxury events. At the end of last year, Gabriella changed her career and became a female life coach. Currently, she is coaching hundreds of women on how to improve their lives and become the best version of themselves. She has just released her first book, “how to become a strong woman”.

Who inspired you to write this book?
I think my own life story. I have been through many challenging situations in life just by being too nice to others. Recently, I changed, and my life became an incredible journey. I wanted to share my knowledge with other women on ways of becoming stronger and independent.,57305161.html,57305319.html

What is the key point of your book?
This book teaches women how to grow from zero to hero. Typically books cover 1 or 2 topics. In this book, I cover every detail of how to become a strong and independent woman.

What is the essential thing in starting a self-development journey?
I think self-love. And this is the topic I discuss a lot in my book. When you start loving yourself, you begin to take actions that will change your life for the better and don’t let people use you.

What is the hardest thing that women have to overcome when trying to change their life for the better?
Giving all their attention to others and not to themselves. That is, again, a sign of not loving yourself and looking for happiness in others. You are the most important in your story.

Why did you decide to become a life coach?
I have wanted to be a life coach since I was a young girl. I am a giver, and I want to help other women to be happier with their lives. I started only recently as I felt it was the right time.

Is the book based on feministic views?
No, it is not. I am not a feminist. I do believe in masculine and feminine energy balance. A woman should be the soft and comforting side of the family, and a man should bring a safe environment and stability. But we, as females, often forget ourselves and put full energy into the family. In the book, I explain why this is wrong, and every female should follow her goals and dreams but also look after her family. Everything is possible.

Will you do a book launch event?
Yes, the event is planned for the middle of October in London, UK.

What are your future plans?
I am planning to write another book and start public speaking events. I am also developing some courses for women. This is all coming in the new future.