Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

MU tore down a large poster with a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo outside Old Trafford just a few days after the star criticized MU for betraying him: that’s all that reported this morning.

MU broke off with Ronaldo

Ronaldo is said to have actively contacted Piers Morgan to conduct an interview for Vn88 mobile. He said MU betrayed him, and said he did not respect coach Erik Ten Hag. CR7 also said that MU was indifferent when his young daughter was sick in the summer of 2021. In addition, he also accused the Glazer family of not paying attention to the club.

The first part of the interview was broadcast on Talk TV channel Vn88cx. MU’s lawyers are waiting to see the second part of the interview. They want to see if there are grounds to remove Ronaldo for breach of contract.

If there is a basis, MU is ready to cancel the contract with a salary of £ 500,000 / week for CR7. MU does not want to pay seven and a half months of salary in the remaining contract, equivalent to 14 million pounds, to a player who has turned his back on the club.

The antipathy towards this star after the interview with the aforementioned Vn88 newspaper is increasing. Many well-informed sources say that he no longer has the opportunity to play for MU. Meanwhile, CR7 and agent Jorge Mendes met with Bayern Munich to negotiate to join.

Tearing up Ronaldo poster is just… a coincidence?

MU is taking a break from playing for their players to play for the national team for the 2022 World Cup. It will take until December 21 for MU to play again, next to Burnley in the League Cup.

The famous newspaper has obtained images of MU tearing down a large poster with Ronaldo’s image in front of Old Trafford because he wanted to remove CR7 because of the interview that spoke ill of the club. But MU insists this is just a coincidence. The representative of the Red Devils said that they want to hang a new poster to promote the Rugby World Cup finals taking place this weekend.

Obviously, Ronaldo’s time at MU is not much. His contract expires at the end of this season but he may even leave MU right in the winter transfer window. Another thing that is certain is that he does not have the opportunity to play for MU any more matches.

As he prepared to fly to Qatar for his fifth World Cup with Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo did and said everything he could to ensure that he would not return to Old Trafford and the Premier League when the tournament was over.

Ronaldo’s problem is that in order to get the steps he wants, he now has to show his ability in Qatar. But the truth here is that Ronaldo has been playing street football in recent months.

Ronaldo and the drop of water overflowed the glass

Vn88 mobile has shown fans the 37-year-old’s most memorable moments since the end of last season. Ronaldo failed to arrive for pre-season training on time, citing family reasons, and then missed MU’s pre-season tour of Thailand and Australia. Finally back to the main lineup.

Ronaldo then refused to come on as a substitute in last month’s win over Tottenham, then got up and left the bench, walked down the tunnel and out of Old Trafford before the final whistle blew. Because of this, he was dropped from the squad for the next match against Chelsea.

And now, Ronaldo has displayed perhaps the most calculated dissent towards the club to date. In an interview with Vn88cx, Ronaldo accused MU of “betraying” him, and said that he did not respect coach Ten Hag and there were accusations that some unnamed figures at Old Trafford wanted to kick him out. long. Sources told ESPN that the club were furious about Ronaldo’s latest move.

This is the third time this season that Ronaldo has gone too far and has the feeling that he will play his last game for United, but on previous occasions there has been a difficult truce between the two sides to Ronaldo. and MU continues the predestined relationship.

To balance, let’s see what Ronaldo has done this season to defuse hot issues like today. He netted his 700th club career goal from a penalty kick against FC Sheriff in the Europa League and another against champions Moldova at Old Trafford last month. And Ronaldo also scored in a 2-1 Premier League win over Everton.