Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform. Magento is the 1st choice of people for developing an eCommerce website. It accounts for around 15% of all the online stores. Magento is also popular due to the Magento 2 extensions because they add functionalities to the eCommerce store. These extensions make many things possible for the eCommerce store owners. 

In the past few years, the eCommerce industry has grown a lot. Many small players are also entering the eCommerce space and selling their products and services online. The businesses have witnessed an increase in sales after launching their business online. 

When we talk about an eCommerce store, how you provide your services plays a major role in the success of your store. The eCommerce website must be user-friendly and convenient to use for visitors.

 The service or user experience provided by you play an important role in the growth of your business. Thus, your focus should be on providing a pleasant and distinct experience to your customers. Within a few seconds of opening the website or store, the customer should get impressed by your store. 

There are plenty of Magento extensions to create a user-friendly experience and accelerate the growth of your business, but in this post, we will tell you the main two extensions to accelerate your business. 

Magento 2 extensions for accelerating your business

  1. Magento 2 PWA

The mobile audience is extremely important for an eCommerce website because, according to a report, around 55% of traffic comes from mobile, and that’s a huge number. Thus, it can’t be ignored and in fact, the mobile audience must be your priority. And, here, the role of Magento 2 PWA Extension comes in. The extension comes with features that help to be mobile-friendly. 

If you want to accelerate your business, then you cannot ignore the mobile audience. This audience is extremely important for the growth of the business. So, by optimizing the site with mobile, the extension helps to get sales from the mobile audience as well. 

Benefits of using Magento 2 PWA

  • Catering to the mobile audience

Nowadays, the majority of the brands have understood the importance of mobile audiences, and thus they are making changes that can drive more traffic from mobile to their sites. One can do it by using Native apps, but it would be costly and may not fit into everyone’s budget. On the other hand, PWA is easy to use and less costly compared to native apps. Using Magento PWA to engage mobile visitors may be a lot easier. Early adoption will surely offer your company a leg up on the competition.

  • Boosts website conversions

The layout of PWA i.e., Progressive Web Applications, makes buying products easier for people because people can easily search the product and proceed to check-out. The eCommerce store owners ignore this aspect and thus cannot grow their business. With this extension, you can make the buying experience of the users flawless and thus you will gain from mobile users. This is one of the major benefits of this extension. 

  • Reduces the mobile gap with Magento PWA theme

It has been that a website works perfectly on a desktop but when opened in mobile; it fails to provide a quality experience to users. Magento PWA reduces the top bar imposed by native applications by making the online experience comparable to that of native apps.

  • Multi-channel engagement

When the audience navigates to the site from different channels, then it becomes difficult for small businesses to reach all. The big brands have the financial power to use different strategies for different platforms. But every brand can do it by adopting PWA i.e. Progressive web apps. It can also give you an upper hand against your competitors. 

  • Magento 2 Lazy Load Images

One major issue which affects the ranking and conversion of the site is ‘slow loading’. There may be many reasons behind the slow loading of your site, but one of the major reasons behind is the loading of hundreds and thousands of images. 

The Magento 2 lazy load image extension boosts the loading speed of the site by only displaying the images only at the demanded time, which means when they are asked by the customers. it improves the performance of the site and reduces the bounce rate, which happens due to the slow loading of the site. 

If customers switch to other websites due to the slow loading of the website, then ultimately it is a loss for the business and the business would not grow. But by adopting this extension you can retain your customers and accelerate your business. 

Benefits of Magento Lazy Load extension

  • Allows lazy loading to the Magento store pages

The Magento 2 lazy load plugin makes it simple to deploy Magento slow loading to the most popular site pictures. Here are some of the most popular pages among users:

  • Page of each category
  • Page of the Product
  • CMS Page
  • Search Page
  • Pages for related products, cross-sells, and up-sells
  • Lazy loading effects

The Magento 2 Lazy Loading module offers straightforward, obscured, and low-goal assorted stacking impacts for Magento store administrators to apply effectively according to their decision.

  • Set loading point time

The Magento 2 Lazy Load augmentation permits designers to utilize the edge boundary on the off chance that they need the pictures to stack prior. This actually keeps up with picture quality and saves transmission capacity.


In conclusion, we would say that these 2 extensions are extremely important for the growth of your business. The Magento 2 PWA Extension and Magento Lazy Load Extensions solve the problems that hinder the growth of the online business. Thus, you must adopt these extensions to remove blocks that are hindering your growth.