Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
About Car Hire And Car Rental

A self-drive holiday at your own pace is a great way to create your itinerary and get off the beaten track to take in the abundant sights of Thailand. For travel in urban areas, Thai cities especially Bangkok, the traffic can be extremely congested at peak hours, therefore, renting a car may not be the best idea. Contrarily, in tourist hubs, taxis can be pricey so many people prefer renting a car instead. There is a variety of luxury car rentals in Thailand, that your taste and preference should dominate your choice. Most luxury rental cars companies do not allow drivers to rent a car in Thailand and cross borders to drive into neighboring countries. Some also forbid their vehicles from being taken on car ferries to nearby Thai islands.

  How much does it cost?

The total cost of renting a luxurious car is worrying but Thailand has budget-friendly and affordable rates. However, these prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and the length of time of car hire. With a wide variety of luxury rental cars, you’ll be able to find a range that suits your travel needs and budget. If you book online, you can pay with your credit or debit card. You may use the term เช่ารถหรู to search on internet and you’ll find a variety of luxury car rental companies. You can ask them for pricing.

How can you find a reputable car rental company

As a tourist, you may not be quite familiar with the landscape of Thailand, therefore, you can ask your hotel to recommend some companies, or search online for a reputable car rental company. In Thailand, rental car offices are mainly centered around major tourist hubs. You can arrange for pick up or drop off at popular places to hire a car like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Phuket City. 

Are manual or automatic cars available for renting?

In Thailand, most cars offered as rental cars are automatic but you can specify your preference when making your reservation.

Do I need insurance when renting a car?

Car agencies or rental companies do not provide insurance because it’s considered a liability. Some luxurious car rental companies might have a policy for paying damages but these are limited. Make sure that any pre-existing damages are stated on the contract before signing. Check your contract before signing to ensure that you are provided theft protection, infant car seat services, or collision damage waiver. In Thailand, the Por Ror Bor provides insurance coverage for everyone affected by car accidents regardless of whether the person is a passenger, driver, or pedestrian. This mandatory insurance cover is the car owner’s responsibility. However, this law doesn’t cover third-party liability. 

What side of the car is the steering wheel?

Before 2014, the cars in Thailand have the steering wheel on the right but those manufactured after then have the steering wheel on the left. The model of your luxurious car rentals will determine the side of the steering wheel location, therefore, you will drive on the left-hand side of the road. 

Is it safe to rent a car?

Make sure the car is in the same condition as you received it when returning it. In Thailand, you’ll get a copy of any damage to the car. Traffic rules are quite similar and Thai drivers are not aggressive, therefore, most foreigners find driving in Thailand easy. 

Can tourists rent a car?

As long as the tourists have a valid driver’s license in English from their country of origin or hold a valid International driving license (IDL), they can rent or drive a luxurious car. 

Can you hire a driver?

Most luxurious car rental companies offer VIP drivers if you don’t want to drive yourself around. They ensure you don’t get anxious about directions, road safety, or parking as they are familiar with the roads.