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A Simple Guide to Playing Roulette GamesA Simple Guide to Playing Roulette Games

Playing roulette games is often the easiest way for a new player to learn the game quickly before gambling. Roulette is an easy game to play compared to other games offered by casinos, especially online casinos. You bet on where you feel the ball might land.

Roulette games are in most mobile casinos. Numerous roulette websites offer different roulette games for players to bet on. Playing roulette games for fun is quite different from gambling; you need to know certain things in the gambling world before betting on roulette games. House edge is one important one you should know.

Types of Roulette games

There are several types of roulette games; the first is:

American roulette

American roulette is different from other forms because its version has double zero on the wheel. This double-zero decreases a player’s chances of winning, giving the house an edge of over 5.6%. When the ball lands in zero or double zero, you lose all the money you use to wager. Newcomers don’t play this type of roulette game.

European roulette

European roulette has only a single zero, increasing a player’s chances of winning. As one zero is on the board, the house edge is 2.7%. It is low compared to American roulette. While the house edge of European roulette is higher, the house edge of French roulette is relatively lower.

French roulette.

The French roulette might be hard for new roulette players to understand, considering the different terms used in this roulette – French roulette. What’s fun about French roulette is that the player has a higher chance of winning than in other roulette formats. The House edge in French roulette is 1.5%.

There aren’t any double zero pockets, thus the low house edge. And rules like la partage or en prison rule are enforced in the game.

La partage rule involves the player betting on even money; the player gets half their original bets back when the balls land on zero eventually, after spin.

While in the en prison rule, half the player’s bet is left on the table for the next chance if the ball eventually ends in zero after spin.

How to Play Roulette

The croupier spins the roulette wheel, and soon the ball spins and falls into a number on the edge of the board. If the ball turns and loses a number, you lose.

The roulette table has numbers ranging from 0-36; numbers 1-36 are red or black, and zero is the only green number. More so, some roulette tables have 00 or 000. If a table has more zeros, the house has the edge over the player. And the odds are low.

There are different ways to place bets when playing roulette games; in roulette games, bets placed are either inside bets or outside bets. Inside bets are called bets placed on the table centre, while outside bets are set aside at the table’s edge.

Once you’re ready to play, select a chip size to bet with, then place the chips anywhere in the layout, outside bets have a higher minimum. An outside chance is five times or ten times higher than inside bets. Most casinos require a minimum of £5 to bet on a red or black number.

Finally, you place your chip on the number you wish to bet on; 1 – 36. After identifying bets, the croupier then spins the wheel and the ball. After that, the croupier announces the winners. You can keep placing bets until the croupier says no more chances.


You should know that playing online roulette might be different from playing roulette at traditional casinos; sometimes, you’ve got to spin the wheel yourself. Roulette is one of the most uncomplicated games at casinos; it’s easy to understand.

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