Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

The dawn of ecommerce resulted in the diversification of many companies, and most have an online platform. Owning a website makes it easy for clients on the internet to check out the products you stock. 

Website quality is crucial if you own one. You should target the best quality if you want to attract traffic. Under our radar of the best websites is LONGER, a Chinese company that deals in 3D printers, laser engravers and their accessories. 

We are going to review the website to see how good it is. Read to learn more.

Features of LONGER’s Platform 

A website is as good as its features. LONGER’s website has several features, which is our primary focus.

Site Design 

We start by looking at the site’s design, which we can agree that it is impressive. The colors are mild, and the icons are well-organized, making it easy to navigate. Additionally, the site loads fast; therefore, you will have an easy time shopping with LONGER.

Product Listing

As earlier mentioned, the site has well-organized icons, and some of the icons present on the homepage show the products that LONGER stocks. Under the 3D printers’ menu, you have two categories, FDM and resin printers. FDM printers include LK1, LK4 and LONGER LK4 X, while resin printers are Orange 10, 30 and 4k. 

The other menu icon is the laser engraver, with products like the RAY5 5W and RAY5 10W. Finally, we have the accessories icon. Here, the products are LCD, FDM and laser engraving accessories. One thing you will learn from the product list is that LONGER has a massive catalog, with the items meeting specific needs.

The Blog Section

LONGER’s blog section comes in two forms, which are News and Academy. Both sections contain several articles that talk about the company and its products. You should check out the News and Academy if you are new to LONGER to know more about the company and its services.

The Privacy Policy

Your privacy is crucial when visiting an online platform, as some sites are malicious. The good thing is that LONGER is a credible company, backed by a strict privacy policy that protects your information from unauthorized parties. 

The App

LONGER has an app, though it is for its laser engravers. MKSLaser is a smartphone app, which you should download on your device. The app converts your device into a remote control for operating the engravers.

Payment Methods

LONGER is versatile, an attribute you notice from its several payment channels. They include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover and more. Pick a preferred channel from the ones offered.

Customer Support

In case of any problem, do not hesitate to reach out to the 24/7 available customer care center. You can reach support via call or email, and their response is prompt.

Pros of LONGER

  • A navigable site
  • Amazing offers and discounts
  • The site is accessible on mobile and on PC
  • An efficient customer support team
  • Assured security of your personal info


  • Lack of shipping info to regions like Africa

After looking at the website, we can see that it is excellent, with few areas to address. Check out the site and take advantage of the amazing offers.