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Window Shutters Make a Huge Difference to Comfort

Window shutters are covers for the window that include a frame and either horizontal or vertical slats that can be adjusted. This keeps the sun out of the house during the hot days; exterior shutters can help to protect the windows throughout the winter or storm seasons.  

K&S Shutters in Brisbane know how much of a difference shutters can make to the comfort of your home. They offer a full range of locally sourced shutters, including plantation shutters, security screens, and aluminum shutters that are created to fit your home. 

Having the right fit is key to the best experience and ensuring that the window is covered completely to each side and from top to bottom. When determining what type of shutter is right for your home, consider safety, weather, size of windows, and the most important functions. 

When shutters are closed, they can shut out most of the light and will help to keep inside the home cool during the hottest parts of the day. They also create increased privacy by allowing you to adjust how much light comes in through your window as well as how much of your window is blocked or left open. When shutters are partly closed or fully closed, people are unable to see inside. 

During cooler months, the shutters can be open during the sunniest parts of the day to allow the sun to warm the home, then closed overnight to keep the warmth in. The material that they are made of can also make a difference to their functionality and if they are placed inside the home or outside. Shutters that are installed within the home can be accessed easily and adjusted and will offer privacy and style to any room, while those that are installed outside the home will wear down faster due to the elements but can protect the windows from damaging wind and storms. Security shutters will prevent anyone from getting in through a broken window. 

Transform Your Home

Adding shutters to the outside of your home can transform the entire space. They add a beautiful focal point around the windows and can add curb appeal to any space. Privacy screens are able to update any home quickly by adding the right match to your home’s exterior. Available in a wide range of materials and styles, they will make any home look cared for, updated, and beautiful. 

K&S Shutters Brisbane is a local, family-owned business. They help to find the right style and fit for any shutters, interior or exterior, including privacy screens and security shutters. With the right style and fit for your home, you can transform the appearance of your home and update the whole house with just the addition of a set of shutters. They can be installed on each window or on specific windows that will become a focus of attention. 

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