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If you dream of composing songs like a rapper or want to collaborate with your favorite rapper, then, with the help of iMyFone VoxBox AI rapper voice generator, your fantasy will come true. With iMyFone VoxBox you can create any sound you want Just like your favorite rapper, you can also use and share your creations on TikTok.

What is a Rapper Voice Generator?

Rapper voice generator is software using AI text-to-speech that lets you make your own raps with the voice of your favorite rappers. This kind of speech generator usually has many voices to choose from, you can enter a text, then choose your favorite rapper, and the synthesizer will create a rap song, its voice sounds like a famous rapper you choose .

Why Use a Rapper Voice Generator?

First of all, it’s fun! This type of sound creation is so popular on Tiktok that everyone is imitating it. It’s also a great way to show off your creativity and make rap songs. You can use it to create YouTube videos or TikTok short videos, but also play with your friends with different voice imitations.

Best Rapper Text to Speech Generator

There are many text-to-speech generators on the market that can be used for rappers, but the one that can satisfy professionals and can be easily used by amateurs is iMyFone VoxBox, which is a text-to-speech voice, voice-to-text, and Audio editor, recording, etc. all in one PC software.

The voice generator contains 3200+ real voices, including some famous rapper voices Eminem and Kanye West, etc., you can use these voices to create any voice you want on iMyFone VoxBox.

Key Features:

Over 3200+ authentic voice effects and filters,

More than 22 languages are supported.

Multiple output formats are supported.

User friendly interface and easy to use, suitable for professionals and amateurs alike.

Contains audio editing and recording functions.

The perfect tool for creating voice overs for all kinds of video audio and more.

Advantages of using VoxBox Rapper Voice generator:

Voice generator allows you to create rap songs in 22 languages.

It has a realistic voice that sounds like a professional rapper.

You can use it to create video or audio files with lyrics.

The synthesizer is easy to use and requires no experience or training.

Watch this video to know how to use the iMyFone Voice Generator VoxBox.

Aplikasi Ini BISA MENIRU SUARA YouTuber & Penyanyi Terkenal 😱 – Voice Over Generator iMyFone VoxBox


Through this article, you have a clear understanding of how to start creating your own content with VoxBox. Then try to create the rapper sound you want on VoxBox!

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