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Are you looking for a video converter to play movies on any device? If yes, continue as we explore the best tool- Wondershare UniConverter 14 in the subsequent paragraphs.

One of life’s most enjoyable pastimes is filming, editing, and sharing videos. With so many devices capable of capturing video and so many ways to share it, it may be irritating to realize that a video clip is incompatible with the other devices or platforms you use. Consequently, you’re most likely looking for techniques to convert your films or a tool that can serve as a vocals remover.

Wondershare video converter 14 is the best video converter for you. This video converter enables you to solve compatibility concerns by converting various video files into other video formats. It is beneficial for viewing, editing, transferring, storing, sharing, and selling videos. It uses an in-built tool called “remove vocals audacity” to remove vocals from any video format. 

Part 1: An Introduction to Wondershare UniConverter 14

The reason why people consider Wondershare UniConverter 14 one of the best options for video conversion is not only because it supports 1000+ different kinds of conversion formats. It also has a decent conversion speed and excellent conversion quality, is easy to use and powerful for professionals and regular people and compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

You may convert audio into several audio file formats with the UniConverter audio converter program, including MP3, WAV, and WMA. Additionally, it keeps the original quality while converting video files to audio files. If you want to listen to music in a format that isn’t the widely used MP3 extension, this tool will come in handy. The UniConverter VR video converter can convert regular videos into formats compatible with virtual reality and offers 360-degree video transformation. A single click will toggle the fisheye view to 360 degrees. We recommend using the best VR video converter available for either Windows or Mac. Click here to get a free trial version of the  14 program to learn more about it.

Part 2: About the New Interface

With the latest update to the user interface of UniConverter 14, you will see the essential features at the forefront, giving the program a refined and understated look. Thus, you will have an easier time locating the capabilities you need. There are updates made to the user interface of UniConverter 14 to have a more streamlined and sophisticated look. Additionally, it brought the significant functionalities into greater focus, which makes it much easier to discover what you want.

Added support for my file management includes the following features: search, delete, favorite, and add to the existing list of functions. Files processed in the product get automatically stored on this path.

Using the video compression option of Wondershare UniConverter 14, the files may have their size reduced while also having their file size compressed. You can manually select the size of the file as well as any other choices, or you may use the software’s automatic mechanism for compression.

Part 3: Steps to Use Wondershare Video Conversion Process

Step 1: Begin the process of converting videos by using the Video Converter (s). 

Launch the video converter provided by Wondershare, UniConverter 14. To upload the video files, you may either drag and drop them or tab to the plus (+) sign. 

Step 2: Select a format. 

Navigate to the tab labeled “Video,” click to open the menu labeled “Output Format,” choose your chosen resolution from the list on the right, and then select the output format you want to use from the list on the left.

Step 3: Get access to the videos that you converted. 

Once the conversion finishes successfully, the word Success will appear in the space under the Convert button. You can now see the converted video if you pick the option “Finished.”

Part 4: The Quality and Speed of Video Conversion the New Uniconverter.

  • Format compatibility: You may convert your video with subtitles to various formats, including VOB, FLV, AVI, MP4, and MOV, amongst others. In addition, you can apply subtitles to digital material such as television broadcasts, music videos, and DVDs.
  • The conversion speed increased by 50%: It supports 4K/8K HDR HD video full-process GPU acceleration by 50%. Before compression, Wondershare UniConverter 14 enables you to choose the file size, bitrate, resolution, and format. The approach may employ both local and remote files. The program supports single and multiple file compression in its high-quality output files. Several video conversion choices with Wondershare video converter 14 include sharing on social media, email, mobile devices with limited storage, and more.
  • You can now use the program to compress your data, eliminating worrying about running out of storage space. This video converter helps you change the speed of your video and its brightness, saturation, contrast, and white balance.

Part 5: More About the New Uniconverter 14.

When the video conversion or compression is complete, the video editor in Wondershare UniConverter 14 provides tools for editing, erasing watermarks, controlling audio and video cropping, and more. Trimming is a handy video editing technique that may help break up a giant movie into more manageable portions for sharing. It is also used for viewing by removing extra information and integrating the remaining sections. You may alter the video more rapidly if you have a live preview. With this updated tool, you can access all the necessary video editing tools. Using this tool, you may rotate, trim, and modify the aspect ratio of your videos. With this tool, you can do the following:

  • Record, transfer, compress and fix videos.
  • Download the online video with one click.
  • Edit, merge, record, and play your videos.
  • Burn, copy, create and edit DVD files easily.

Key takeaways From This Episode

Thus, we learned:

  • Wondershare UniConverter 14 is a comprehensive video software with flexible capabilities for handling your video, audio, and picture files. 
  • It is 90X quicker to convert video than comparable converters now on the market. It transforms videos for watching, transmission, burning, and editing, as well as bulk audio and video compression. 
  • As mentioned in this blog, one of the numerous reasons for adopting this application is its most essential and distinctive feature. 
  • It is the ability to compress or convert data without affecting quality and remove vocals from a song