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Sneakers for men are simply the most efficient single element in your attire that can elevate your style to another level. Sneakers have a casual vibe that gets you noticed every time you wear sneakers. Thanks to the sports fashion culture that emerged in recent years, sneakers for men have become a fashion staple in every man’s closet.

From everyday wear to the red carpet, sneakers for men rule the fashion scene. Styling sneakers essentially come down to a few pointers to look out for. We are here to guide your way to iconic fashion with the complete guide to style men’s sneakers so that you can flaunt your newest kicks for any event.

Basic Rules While Choosing Sneakers For Men

Shopping for sneakers can get overwhelming, WIth the wide range of styles, colours and functions available. However, there are a few informed decisions that you must make before getting your hand on the latest kicks.

    Shop for sneakers that suit your vibe.

Do not get caught up in the fashion trend bandwagon and choose shoes that do not fit you and your fashion sense. Choose sneakers that elevate and complement your clothes and your physique.

    Keep those sneakers tidy.

A clean sneaker is a sight to look at. Hence, try and keep your sneakers neat and shining at all times. If in case the sneakers for men are exposed to dust or rain, be sure to wash and clean sneakers thoroughly and let them dry completely before wearing them again. These steps increase the sneakers’ life and help you look sleek.

    The feel of the shoe

How do the sneakers feel when you wear them? Is the shoe sole cushioned or firm? Does the arch feel comfortable and supportive while walking? Ask yourself these questions and gauge the sneaker’s feel while walking through different surfaces. Wearing the right sneaker can help prevent injuries and make you feel great while you walk or run with them. The correct fitting sneaker is the best investment.

How To Style Sneakers For Events

You can wear sneakers for every event. However, here are a few style tips to look out for while styling sneakers for men with outfits.

1.    For the evening party

Dressing for parties requires you to be at your best. Pirates are events where you can wind down and drop your inhibitions. Parties are events where one can remember memories for a lifetime. So you have to keep up with the glam of the party. Go for classy and simple sneakers that help bring your style quotient up a notch. You can be funky and pair neon-coloured sneakers or high-top sneakers for that unique party vibe.

2.    For a movie night

A movie night requires sneakers that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. The goal of the sneaker is to not pop out in comparison to the outfit but to blend in seamlessly. Choose shoes that offer good ventilation and support. Choose outfits that are laid back casual and casual sneakers for men to complement the outfit.

3.    For the road trip

The road trip is your break from a monotonous routine. Pick sneakers ‘for the gram’ and pair accessories and clothing that fit the vibe. A road trip that lasts longer durations might require you to carry an extra pair of sneakers for multiple destinations.

4.    For the next shopping night out

With multiple festive seasons, shopping with your friends and family would be the most common outing. Shopping will include walking and running around different shops and travelling. You require sneakers for men that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. These sneakers help you cushioned throughout the shopping experience while ensuring you are ready for candid pictures at any time.

How To Style Classic Sneakers

● Classic sneakers are versatile pieces of fashion that a sneakerhead can own. They go well with every fashion ensemble, whether denim, chinos or even shorts.

● Classic sneakers have stood the test of time and worn by generations beforehand.

● However, classic sneakers are to be worn for specific occasions. You must mainly wear classic sneakers for casual events because they might not go well with formal outfits.

● You can pair Classic sneakers with prints, floral shirts or ripped jeans. They merge with the current fashion and will be recognised wherever you go.

● Make sure they are clean and spotless as they are best suited for the millennial generation.

How To Style Sports Sneakers

● Sports sneakers are the key to you looking dapper and athletic when you head out.

● If done well, sports sneakers bring out the sporty side of you. The key to a well-balanced sports look is not to make them look over the top.

● Sports sneakers have inbuilt design features that help you stand out from the rest. Pair athleisure clothing to the look, and you are all set to go.

● Wear sports sneakers for your favourite team match or even a leisurely jog around the block.

● Keep the tops sporty and casual with t-shirts.

● Avoid white track pants for sporty shoes as they do not go well together.

● Do not tuck your t-shirt into the track pants.

How To Style White Sneakers

White sneakers instantly make you look sophisticated and stylish. Pairing white sneakers with floral printed shirts or button-down shirts is perfect for a day outing. White shoes go well with chino shorts and a t-shirt too. Don them for your next casual day out with friends.

The Bottomline

Comfort is your best friend. Ensure your sneakers support your body and your joints to avoid injuries. Avoid choosing sneakers just because of the current fad. Pick shades of colours for the sneakers that go well with the rest of your wardrobe, and you are all good to master the sneakers style game. Go out there and flaunt your sense of style with the different sneaker style options discussed.

Ensure that the shoes are clean and dry to wear with absolute confidence. Choose classic sneakers, as they can never go out of style. They are an investment worth spending, and the joy of wearing a classic sneaker can be best enjoyed when others specifically compliment your