Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Artificial Intelligence is not just about bringing in the future generations with a bummer but has also become a living reality today. Be it smartphones or planning the next trip using a GPS router; accessing your favorite eCommerce portal for shopping and other errands or even receiving instant resolution for your online queries- all these are some of the instances AI has been impacting our lives and making it much easier. 

Making our day-to-day tasks convenient, serving industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment, gaming to automated travel experiences; you name it, rather shout it out and you have a technology or virtual assistant or chatbot to assist you. The research that goes into developing such innovatively intelligent technologies to assist in every task has been a trend for decades now. Developing insanely clever apps and technologies such as Chatbots and virtual assistants to help you with your regular stuff or even your most professional dilemma; they are trained computer technologies ready to help with a click of a button. Professional or personal life, these recent AI-assisted technologies have empowered our processes manifold; while assisting human power with instant resolutions of all sorts. 

With the contemporary developments happening in the field of artificial intelligence and online resources, there are popular YouTube channels, podcasts, as well as newsletters to keep you abreast with the latest in the AI industry. Listed below are some of the popular resources that are a must to master when thinking of acing a successful AI career:

1. Yannic Kilcher

A popular YouTube influencer who talks extensively about Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. Yannic Kilcher is a Doctorate from ETH Zurich, who likes to offer detailed information while discussing papers in a goofy way. His way of things honestly attracts the AI aspirants in a way that keeps them on his channel for a long time, alongside gaining the most authentic information on AI. 

2. Two Minute Papers

This is a well-known fact that visuals have a more lasting impact on the human brain, than any other delivery medium. This holds for these instinctively talented animation videos curated to disseminate key information related to simulation and the AI world. The papers selected and discussed in the videos are intended to resonate with a general audience and shed some light on breakthroughs in technical innovations.

3. AI Coffee Break with Letitia

Humour makes things percolate smoothly. That works best for AI information as well. Along similar lines to Yannic Kilcher, AI Coffee break with Letitia is also an engaging channel that develops gripping content on NLP and CV. The highlight of her content curation is consistent engagement with her audiences by posting poll questions on YouTube, which are open to participation.

4. The Batch

One of the premier newsletters offering an excellent gateway to AI and deep learning, the batch contains world-renowned Dr. Andrew Ng dropping in a personalized message in your mailbox every week, that is inclusive of the latest inventions in AI, impactful news, and novel AI ideas doing the rounds.

5. Data Science Weekly

Data science weekly is an immense workpiece for AI aspirants aiming at hunting for ways to become certified AI professionals. Being a weekly newsletter, it is packed with the contemporary in data science- articles, videos, books, employment opportunities, and tutorials. Aspiring data scientists are sure to leverage maximum benefit from this elaborate newsletter. 

6. Lex Fridman podcast

A Russian American computer scientist, AI researcher, YouTube creator, and popular podcast host works at MIT. He hosts an online series of interviews that features eminent international public figures and influential scientists in the field of science and AI; shares key insights from the AI industry worldwide.

7. Papers with Code

Based on Meta AI research and founded by Robert, Ross, Marcin, Elvis, Guillem, Andrew, and Thomas- it is a community project. It offers the latest in machine learning research and their respective implementation codes. It makes ML procedures easy to apply.

8. OpenAI Blog

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence company that deals in its research and deployment. It offers a series of blogs on artificial intelligence and the details related to the industry at large.

9. Google AI Blog

The Google AI blog allows you to use and implement training models for a wide range of customization, depending upon the use cases. It is highly informative and useful for AI aspirants to understand the key insights of the AI industry. 

No doubt, the best AI certifications are designed to impart the best-in-class AI skills; likewise, these AI resources are streamed to enhance your AI knowledge base, which helps you build on your acquired skills. The podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels, latest AI research, and other leading resources generated and built by world-renowned AI specialists are the key pivot to your successful AI career in the future.