Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Meta Description: 2021 saw the year of simplicity and minimalistic design trends. But, app design trends for 2022 are a whole other ballgame altogether.

If there is one thing true about design trends, their change is constant. Designers, be it graphic designers or niche-based app designers, have to up the ante and keep themselves updated when it comes to design trends. 2021 saw the year of simplicity and minimalistic design trends. But, app design trends for 2022 are a whole other ballgame altogether. According to statistics and projections, mobile apps are to become a whopping $900+ billion-dollar industry. It is safe to say that the competition is fierce, and in the race to stand out, change in design trends is inevitable. 

Every year, we see what’s popular, and our designers try their best to withstand the expectations of clients and users worldwide. As we said before, 2021 was the year of simplistic and sleek mobile app designs. So, what’s it looking like in the year 2022? Well, the complete opposite. Since we are halfway into the year, the picture of mobile app design and trends is clear. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of following mobile app design trends, the change in design trends in 2022, and nine non-conforming app design trends that you can follow in the year 2022. 

Importance of Following Design Trends

There might be a question lingering in your mind, why do we need to follow trends? Is it important to follow app design trends? To put it simply, yes. You need to follow app design trends if you are aiming to withstand the test of time. Companies and businesses that didn’t adapt to the changing environment of the world withered away into history books. 

We can just look at the marketing strategy of big brands. Every year, we see a new form of communication change in values and principles. These changes are important because society evolves, and with the evolving nature, marketing tactic is bound to adapt. Similarly, design trends is another aspect that warrants regular change since popular culture doesn’t stay static. 

Retain & Expand Your Userbase

As an app, you would want to stay in the competition and dominate, and perhaps the best way to do that is to stay a step ahead in the app design trends. New app design trends will attract new eyes, provide convenience to the old users, and increases your app’s chance of being profitable. 

Pioneer New App Design Trends

Another benefit that you can derive from using the new app design trends is that you’ll be pioneering the trend. It’s better to adopt new innovative and eye-catching trends before it becomes mainstream. In this way, you will lead your industry, which will get you the competitive edge you need. 

Customer’s Psyche

At the end of the day, no matter how well-developed your mobile app is, if it’s not paired with impeccable designs, the customers will likely opt for an app with better designs. Mobile app designs are crucial for every business, no matter big or small.  

9 Non-Conforming App Design Trends for 2022

The year 2022 is full of surprises. We are seeing a complete change in app design trends. But, we are not going to spoil the mystery just yet. If you are reading this article, chances are, you are looking to learn about the new innovative mobile app design trends for your mobile apps. We have compiled a total of 9 non-conforming app design trends that are and will dominate the mainstream app outlooks. Let’s begin with the first one. 

Asymmetric Layouts

If you are aware of traditional shop marketing, you know placements play a huge role in grabbing the customers into the shop. Asymmetric layouts are predicated on exactly that concepts. As the name suggests, asymmetry layouts are not organized per se. You might be wondering, won’t that disturb the user experience? Well, no. This is exactly where things get interesting. 

By adopting the asymmetric model, you are diverting the attention of customers. But, it’s up to you where you divert their attention to. For instance, if you are looking to promote a particular product or if you are offering a discount, you can use the asymmetric layout to distinguish certain products from the rest. You can easily integrate asymmetric layouts in your menus and product galleries by making certain products attention-grabbing.  

Blended Images

It is time to change your product gallery view. A simple product image with enclosed borders won’t cut it. Customers are looking for something new, and images that blend in the background and float freely on the screen is just the answer to their need. 

You can even up the ante by integration AR technology, allowing users to check products like they are reviewing them in their homes. This will help customers get a feel about the product and how it would look in their homes. Similarly, if you are an apparel brand, you can integrate AR to allow customers to upload their pictures and see how they would look in the apparel of their selection. The design will probably cost you some extra bucks, but the added value will be unquantifiable. You can check the app design cost for such a concept at 

Breaking Stereotypes with Abstract Shapes

The year 2022 is all about breaking stereotypes. What worked in 2021 will not find ground in 2022. Innovation is the name of the game, and app design agencies that are not willing to play this game are bound to be left behind in the race. 

Abstract shapes and geometry is dominating the app design trend. It offers a smooth and silky user experience, and app designers are encouraged to use geometric shapes, particularly spherical and circular ones, for backgrounds, borders, and images. If you are looking to give your mobile app a competitive edge, it’s time to introduce geometric shapes. 

Organizational Borders

Talking about shapes and geometry, another popular app design trend in 2022 is border organization. It might be confusing, but allow us to deconstruct the concept. Borders are used to separate the elements of your app, like icons and windows, to give that organized look. 

Organization is a key factor in giving your app a professional look. Design your app in such a way that users don’t have a hard time looking at the app’s content. It should flow naturally and feel easy on the eyes. If there is too much information or fluff, customers will likely back out from using your mobile app.

Drop Shadow Trend

Another mobile app trend design you need to eye in 2022 is drop shadow. For those of you who are not well-versed in the design aspect of things, a drop shadow is a function that adds a shadow to the background of a text, making it appear above ground. This is particularly helpful for app designs to establish content hierarchy. 

There will be two things in your app. One is the design of your app, which will be in the background. The other will be elements of your app. To distinguish between those two, you can introduce a drop shadow design to give your app a vivid outlook. 

Multi-Services App

According to our estimation, this trend will dominate in the year 2022. Multi-services apps, or super apps, is a complex app that offers numerous functions to users, from shopping, banking, and communication, to cab services. 

Mobile app designers play an important role in the designing aspect of such an app. If the development side is covered, you would need to make sure your app is easy-to-understand, user-friendly, and easy to navigate between different services. 

Dark Mode

Even though dark mode seems like an old concept now, we still have to see its dominance on all mobile apps. It is no mystery that users like to use their mobile on the bed with the lights off. Offering dark mode on your mobile app will provide ease to your users, increasing the dwelling time of users on your app. 

Multi-Directional Navigation

Simple linear navigation is not going to cut it in the year 2022. You need multi-directional navigation, one which addresses both vertical and horizontal movements. You can hire an app designer and ensure the design is not only visually appealing but also easy to grasp. Multi-directional navigation will not only beautify your mobile app but also provide your app with the added value it needs. 

3D Animation

Lastly, 3D animation hasn’t died yet, and will not die in the coming years. 3D animation brings that real-life look that users are looking for. If your app contains 3D animation, it will have an amazing impact on users. Impart important information through visually-stunning 3D animation and persuade your mobile app users. You can also hire freelance professional 3D animators and get your requirements completed.