Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
9 Hair Care Tips for Working Women

It’s a new day; it is time to get ready, step out of the house, and take on the world. You shower, have breakfast, grab your morning coffee on the go, and just as you’re heading out the door, one glance in the mirror can ruin your entire day before it has even begun.

Well, bad hair days might not be leaving you alone just when you need to stay away the most. It is already difficult to take time and do proper hair care to ensure your hair always looks lovely. But it becomes all the more difficult when juggling a career, balancing a household, and caring for a baby.

As a working woman, taking care of your hair, such as oiling, applying a hair mask, or even getting a dye, can take ages. We know how so many women don’t like when their roots turn grey, and they can’t spare time to go to the salon for a dye or a quick hair treatment.

So, how will you ever care for your lovely hair when you have such busy and tough schedules? If you’re looking for a few effective tips, continue reading.

Importance of an Effective Hair Care Routine

Incorporating hair care into your everyday routine is similar to adopting a new skin care regimen.

And contrary to what you may believe, having a healthy hair care routine doesn’t involve washing or shampooing your hair daily.

The only thing that should dictate your hair care routine is the texture of your hair. Also, if you have taken any hair treatment such as balayage, extenso, or rebonding, you must pay extra attention to your hair.

There are various benefits of having a hair care routine, such as.

  • Healthy looking hair
  • Shiny and bouncy hair
  • Smoother and lesser frizz
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Fewer tangles
  • More good hair days

Now that you know the benefits of having a hair care regimen, you can understand why we are emphasizing why you should have one of your own. But being a working woman, you might have a lot on your plate.

9 Hair Care Tips for Working Women

Finding time to take care of yourself can be a bit difficult when you’re working and taking care of a household or studying alongside your job. A hair care routine can be as difficult as following your skincare regime.

However, don’t worry. Even if you don’t have time for a little self-love here and there, here are a few hacks you can follow to ensure your hair is well taken care of.

1.Find Hair Dye Alternatives to Limit Hair Color Use

Dying your hair regularly to hide grey roots can leave your hair rough and dry. If you have this problem, you may need to reduce your reliance on hair colors, especially when gray hair is not too visible. Here, instant root touch up can serve the purpose. 

You can instead choose root touch-up powder to refresh your hair when going out. Root touch-up powders can be essential to your hair care routine every day. These powders do a fine job of hiding your grey strands without damaging your hair.

This way, you can make your hair look gorgeous without damaging or drying them out. So, while considering a hair care routine, ensure you add root touch-up powders to your lists to protect your hair against harmful treatments.

2.Skip Washing Your Hair Daily

Most of you may believe that washing your hair daily can be a blessing for your scalp and roots since it allows you to get rid of the greasy scalp and dirty hair. Trust us when we say your head needs a break from all that washing.

It is ideal to skip shampooing your hair altogether and let them breathe without spraying water on them. They may seem somewhat dirty, but adopting this habit will do wonders for your hair in the long run.

And if you happen to be a woman with curly hair, this will save you a lot of time, and you can simply style your hair with a few bobby pins and a tie and get ready to conquer the day.

3.Brush Your Hair Before Your Shower

One common problem that most women don’t like wasting their time on is when hair gets tangled and becomes harder to brush after you shower. So, instead of brushing once you have showered, brush your hair before you soak your hair in the water.

It will save you a lot of time and ensure you attain sleeker, detangled strands after showering. Also, if your hair is curly or super tangled after you have shampooed, apply a conditioner to detangle it. It will not only protect your hair but will also offer absolute protection against unnecessary damage.

4.Ensure the Right Temperature:

Some of you may have noticed your hair go dry during winter. That is mainly because you’re washing your hair with hot water that damages the gloss and texture of your hair.

Heating tools have become our daily essentials for styling our hair. If you don’t follow a hair care routine, you may already know these tools damage your hair beyond repair. But washing your hair with hot water deprives them of natural oils that nourish your hair.

So, treat them with lukewarm water – not too much work, though. Just the right temperature and see how your hair shines every single day.

5.Don’t Forget to Trim

While it may be difficult to follow a strict hair care routine, going to the salon for a regular trim every couple of weeks shouldn’t be a problem. Take some time for this trip, especially if you love your long hair.

Regular trims are an essential step for an effective hair care routine. Those of you with long hair must complain about having split ends every couple of months. This not only makes your hair look untidy but will also slow down hair growth.

So, get a trim every couple of weeks or at least once a month to ensure your hair looks healthy and grows faster.

6.Be Gentle with Your Hair

Being gentle with your hair is another essential aspect of a solid hair care routine. Don’t experiment too much on them with chemicals and dyes. Never go for a cut-down, regardless of how much you want to color your hair. If you have grey roots, use root cover spray or powder, which offers harmless color assistance.

Moreover, never pull, rub or comb your wet hair. It will lead to more damage and breakage of your hair. This can also lead to hair thinning, damaging your scalp.

7.Use a Hair Mask Whenever You Can.

Do you have a habit of using a face mask to nourish your skin? Similarly, use a hair mask to nourish your hair whenever possible. You can always schedule this for the weekend to take some time and pay attention to your skin and hair.

A hair mask will nourish your damaged hair. It will make your hair feel smoother, bring back the shine, grow faster and offer additional moisture to repair any damage to your scalp. So, apply a hair mask regularly if you want your hair to feel silky and smooth. You can even make hair masks at home for effective results.

8.Prevent Heat Damage

Since you work and have to go out regularly, chances are you use heating tools regularly to ensure your hair behaves in public. While heating tools have become essential, they can damage your hair if you don’t take them regularly.

If heating tools are necessary, never use them without applying heat protection products. You will find many hair serums in the market that offer excellent heat protection. Moreover, oil your hair if you straighten or curl your hair regularly. This way, you can give your hair nourishment it may lose when straightening or curling.

9.Don’t Use Towels

Your hair is never prone to damage and breakage as much as they are post-shower. Using a towel to lock your strands can further roughen up or damage the shafts.

So, instead of using towels, we recommend using soft t-shirts. Dry your hair by wrapping them in a cotton t-shirt to prevent fizziness while keeping the moisture intact. Also, once drying your hair, ensure you start from the roots to prevent further damage. And brush your hair once they are completely dry.

Final Thoughts

It may seem difficult to adopt a full-fledged hair care regime when you hardly find time for yourself. But these small and simple tips can make a huge difference and make your hair look shinier and healthier if you follow these steps religiously.

Try to oil your hair at least once a week, and never shampoo your hair too often. It may seem a bit difficult considering you must go to the office daily. However, you can use dry shampoo when your scalp feels too greasy but don’t make it a habit. Dry shampoo can be used once in a while, but its regular usage can damage your hair.choose root touch-up powder instead of coloring your hair too often.

Replace your towel and keep changing your shampoo every few months. Find what works for your hair, and if at any point you feel your hair is too drying, consult a hair specialist and get a protein treatment.

We hope these tips help you care for your hair since they are very to follow even with the busiest schedule.