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Finding the right graphic design company that fulfills your business needs can be daunting. But worry not, because, in this blog, we have come up with the 6 best graphic design studios/agencies in Sydney, Australia, for 2022.

These companies will help you create beautiful and practical graphic designs and promote your business or product with their unique approaches.

Let’s take a look and know what they have to offer you!

9 Best Graphic Design Agenciesin Sydney, Australia – 2022

1.    CREATO

Featured in The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur & JustCreative, ‘Creato’ is a Graphics and Logo design agency in Australia. With a team of experienced professionals, Creato’s work comprises Logo and Identity Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Advertising, and Communications.

At Creato, you can put your mind at ease with their safe payment options, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and deadline guarantee. So, if you are looking for elegant and captivating graphic designs, you will surely want to hire Creato for your next project.


The next name on the list is ‘Shtudio,’ multifaceted web development & graphic design agency in Sydney, Australia.

Besides creating Logos, Web Design, Flyers, Exhibition Banners, and more, Shtudio also helps you get the right domain name, organize web & email hosting and provide ongoing support.

Whether a startup or a small business, the professionals at Shtudio help achieve their goals by working with other designers and developers within the budget.

The best thing about the agency is that 80% of new customers are acquired through recommendations which shows how genuine their assistance is with the clients.

3.    ANDELO

The Australian company, Andelo, is the brainchild of Stephen Andelo, a freelancer in 2012. In 2016, Stephen registered a company and named the company Andelo.

The agency offers services like Website Development, Creative Content, and Digital Marketing to various industries. That’s why Andelo has a long-term influence on more people and thus gained much attention for its unique digital design offerings.

By delivering 150 Partnerships with happy clients and agencies, Andelo has become one of the best choices for graphic design studios in Sydney, Australia.


Based in Sydney, ‘Think Creative Agency’ is a full-service branding, creative and digital marketing agency with an experienced team.

The agency offers an end-to-end solution covering all touchpoints, be it Brand strategy, brand identity development, graphic design, or complete print management. 


A graphic design company in Sydney – ‘Chello’ is a take on a Hindi word which roughly translates as, “Let’s go!”. It’s a good summary of how things work around here.

Born one fateful night in 2014, Chello delivers and builds on a brief rather than taking it as some simple recipe.

Chello helps clients achieve their business goals by following an impactful and efficient approach.


The full-service design and branding agency – ‘Made Agency’ creates brands and design marketing communications for business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The professionals at the agency offer personal service to the brands and are, therefore, ideal for creative collaboration.

Specializing in luxury branding, property marketing, and retail communications, Made Agency delivers world-class experiences to their clients’ brands.

7.    DSIGNS

From the initial consultation to the final launch of your brand image,

the final launch of your brand image, Sydney-based ‘DSIGNS’ is your one-stop solution.

Putting clients’ business goals at the forefront of the projects, the team aims to deliver impressive results on time and within budget.

The agency has helped hundreds of Australian businesses with proven frameworks and approaches.


For over 30 years, Sydney-based integrated design and marketing service agency – Pictogram has helped build some of Australia’s iconic brands by using a practical approach to develop a creative, consistent solution across all mediums.

The agency focuses on timeliness and offers cost-effective, long-term support to businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Specialized in Graphic Design and Web design in Sydney, ‘DesignFox’ offers clients various graphic design services across multiple industry verticals.

The team of professionals thoroughly researches designs and conducts competitor analysis.

You can start using the best graphic design tools and software available right now to grow your business. Which one do you think your company could use? We would greatly appreciate your feedback and rating on these graphic design tools and software for startups in 2022.


Don’t hold back anymore and start picking up the perfect graphic design company that can help your business with branding, marketing, and web design. In short, you need an agency that meets your prerequisites so your firm can kick start your task soon.