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Lead Generation Features

To take your website’s lead generation to the next level, you need to make sure that you’re offering the best possible experience to your visitors. Good lead-generating features will make them come back and explore more about your business and services, turning them into permanent leads. If your website isn’t meeting the lead generation goals, you’re at the perfect place. This blog provides the eight essential lead generation features your website must have.

You are mistaken if you think that adding a few “Click Here” CTAs to your homepage will flood your website with new leads. Your website is your shop window and optimising it for lead generation is one of the best things that you must focus on if you want to compete with other businesses in your industry.

Reasons for slower lead generation

The leading web design company in Perth says that some of the significant reasons for slower lead generation are:

  • An outdated and unresponsive website
  • Zero value proposition
  • No social media presence
  • No strategic plans for the website
  • Targeting unspecified audience
  • No sight of new content
  • Lack of CTAs
  • Lesser engaging features

With the help of web design in Newcastle, you can get your website optimised for lead generation in a short period. Let’s take a look at the features that your website must-have.

Essential features your Website must-have.

1. Active Chat Bots

Having a live chatbot is a fantastic addition to any website. You can engage in a conversation with your potential customers who visit your website to provide advice, direction, assistance, and occasionally even sales. The live chatbot will generally appear at the bottom of the page, with an automatic message such as “Hey, how can I help you today?” from which you can start a conversation.

2. Downloadable Content

Downloadable guides, blogs, and insights are excellent for collecting data and enabling visitors to connect with your website directly.

The sales process begins with downloadable content; if the content has been downloaded, it implies that the visitor has expressed interest in your product or service. The salesperson can then start pushing down-the-funnel information to the option instead of the awkward cold call to sell your service/product.

3. Effective CTAs

Having a “Click here” or “Learn more” button is not enough; CTAs have been increasingly popular over the years, so with the help of the best web design company in Perth, make sure yours are bold, distinct, and relevant to whatever is on your website, blog, or guide.

The vital role of the call to action goes much beyond a bright button with a command on it; in some circumstances, minor details can make a big difference.

There are two categories of CTAs classified into two parts – Primary CTAs and Secondary CTAs.

“Buy now,” “Apply Now,” and other primary CTAs are where you want your customers to take action. Whereas secondary CTAs are used when you want to educate your visitors about specific topics or services. “Learn more” and “continue reading” are some examples of secondary CTA.

4. Effective Workflow

The excellence of your leads is parallel to your efforts toward the workflow of your website.

Because no lead is guaranteed to convert, you must carefully nurture them so that they progress through your sales pipeline to the deciding stage of the sales cycle. With the finest web design services in Newcastle, you can put the lead into a process once they’ve downloaded a piece of your content. You can then provide them with quality and relevant content that is beneficial to their goals.

5. Forms

Forms are another data collection method for your company/business. Forms often record the following details and information about the user: Name, Gender, Business, Email, and Phone Number. Forms should be included in your website’s pages that receive the most significant traffic. You can check how many people visit your website and how many of them click on the form by using Google analytics.

According to the analysis of the web design company in Perth, it also helps in the growth of the email list. You can add an email address to your mailing list if one of your criteria includes entering an email address while filling out a form on your website. The more people on your mailing list you have, the more likely you will get a download, an inquiry, or a callback from your material.

6. Testimonials

According to Psychological Science, when offered an option between two identical products, most individuals will choose the one with the most testimonials. How often do you seek advice on which goods to buy when shopping for anything new? It’s probably in the 90 per cent range. With so many choices at our fingertips, we want to make sure we’re getting the most value for our money, so we look for reviews and testimonials to assist us in making that all-important purchasing decision. When your potential customers see the positive testimonials of your existing clients, they will get drawn in for a consultation and your services/products. To have a higher conversion rate, take the help of web design in Newcastle to generate more leads.

7. Pop-up Feature

Pop-ups may be a hassle for any user if they are presented incorrectly. However, when used strategically and with some consideration, they can be highly beneficial. The key to using pop-ups effectively is to avoid using them too early in the process or on every page. The very last thing anyone wants to see when they go to your website is a barrage of giant pop-up adverts.

With the perfect web design services in Newcastle, you can set a trigger for the pop-up that will get navigated to a specified portion of your site or onto a specific page. Some pop-ups can be incredibly useful since they can rapidly start conversations and attract users’ attention.

8. Tests

OK, the tests are not quite a typical feature, but it is a crucial task for any website and something that most business owners overlook.

A/B testing, for example, is highly effective and has been shown to enhance clickthrough rates (CTR). Simple aspects of your website, including CTAs, landing page layouts, graphics, and different content, can significantly impact your website’s success. Testing can help you identify the strategies that work for your website.

To Conclude,

Leads are essential for a company’s survival and growth. Using the suggestions above, converting website visitors into leads will just become much more accessible. All you need to do is, hire professionals like Make My Website, the leadingweb design company in Perth, and get your website optimised with the top-notch lead generation features.

We hope this guide will help you generate higher sales for your company, and we can be the perfect match for that. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us soon!