Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Ceramic Coating8 Benefits Of Ceramic Coating

Every one of us wants our used cars in Pakistan to look all glammed up as long as possible. But at the same time, we get tired of spending a huge amount of money on daily carwashes. Let’s face it! If you have a vehicle in Pakistan, it will get dirty very fast due to the high pollution level. One way to prevent this is to get your vehicle a ceramic coating. 

The ceramic coating acts as an alternative to waxing. Why is ceramic coating good? Let’s have an elaborated look at its benefits.

Protect the paint

The basic benefit of ceramic coating is to protect the original paint of the vehicle. The original paint is protected by a clear coating but this coating wears down with time. That is why if even you don’t drive your vehicle too often, you will still see some wear and tear on its body. A ceramic coating provides extra protection against accidental scratches and temperature changes. 

Makes car maintenance easy

The ceramic coating is hydrophobic. This means that it resists the water-based dirt and grease. This makes the vehicle super easy and fast to clean. With your vehicle coated, you will just need to give a quick jetwash to your car to make it look all glassy and ready to roll. 

UV Protection 

The ceramic coating not only protects your vehicle from scratches and dirt. It also protects from the invisible ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. These rays directly attack the paint of the vehicles. Over time, the paint fades and discolors. If you park your used cars for sale in Pakistan outdoors, you should have them ceramic-coated. It will protect against sun damage. 

Environmental Protection

You might have noticed strange stains on your car’s paint. You might be wondering how did that stain appear on the body when you didn’t spill anything on it. Or even if you did spill something accidentally, it shouldn’t have produced such a powerful stain.

 The fact is that the air has acidic contaminants in it. These contaminants react with the paint of your vehicle and cause these sticky stains. If you live in an area with poor air quality, you should have your vehicle ceramic coated to protect it from discoloration and environmental damage. 

Glossy finish 

Do you want your vehicle to give that shiny showroom look? You can do that by protecting it with ceramic coating. No matter how clean you keep your used cars in Pakistan, they will lose their sparkle and shine with time. Wax can help prevent dirt and grime but the ceramic coating does wonders for your vehicle’s look. It blends with the original paint of your vehicle giving it the showroom look. 


When you take your vehicle for ceramic coating, you may feel that it is more expensive than having it waxed. This is true but at the same time ceramic coating lasts a lot longer. So, technically it saves your money. 

When you go for the option of having your vehicle waxed, you will have to do it seasonally. That means at least twice a year. First, before the summer season starts (to protect your vehicle from the UV rays). And once before the winter season starts (to protect from the extreme cold weather and salts on the roads. 

But when you choose the ceramic coating option, it lasts up to 4 to 5 years. And all this time, you are saving on the waxing costs that you have to pay twice a year. So, this is another benefit of having your vehicle ceramic-coated. 

Glass Protection 

All the glasswork of your vehicle has a major ingredient which is ultra-fine silica sand. This same silica sand is used in ceramic coating. When the vehicle is coated again with silica, it bonds to the original glass molecules. Thus, doubling the effect and protection. 

And we discussed above the hydrophobic nature of the ceramic coating. This coating will help the windshield wipers to work more smoothly and effectively. So, you will not have to replace them too often. 

Increase the value of your car 

Another benefit of ceramic coating is that when you put your used cars for sale in Pakistan, you will get a higher value for them. Let’s compare two situations. You have two vehicles of the same make and model, same fuel average, same color, and mileage. One of them is protected with the ceramic coating while the other is not. You put both of them on sale. 

The paint of the vehicle with the coating will look a hundred times more fresh and charming than the one without ceramic protection. More customers will be attracted to the vehicle with ceramic coating. And hence, the worth of the vehicle with the coating will increase as compared to the one without the coating. 


There are many places where you can take your vehicles for having them ceramic coated. The money you will spend will be worth the results for sure.