Wed. May 22nd, 2024

People spend a significant amount of money and time on nail salons in Australia but have you tried doing that at home? All you need is to gather the right equipment like filers, acetone-free nail polish remover, cuticle trimmers, etc.

 You might also want to add proper salon equipment like led lights. If you are wondering where to buy them, you can easily find a professional LED nail lamp in Australia online.

See how to get that salon manicure at home.

How to get professional nails at home?

Believe it or not, you can do a professional manicure at home. Here are the steps on how to do it.

Set up your workplace

To start your manicure, you must set up an area where you want to make your nails. Nail varnish ruins surfaces, so always cover whatever you place it on. The nails and paints can also create a mess in the room; therefore, prepare it to make cleaning easy.

Remove nail varnish

Start by removing the nail varnish with acetone-free nail paint remover. Acetone helps in removing nail polish, but it is harmful to the nails. So, make sure the product you are using does not contain it.

Cut or file your nails.

If you have longer nails and want to cut them to a smaller size, you can choose to clip them, but if it is already of the right length, you can file them to make them even. Do not be aggressive with your nails while filing them, as this procedure could weaken your nails.

The ideal nail shapes are squoval or U shapes.

Buff your nails

Once you are done filing, you can buff your nails using the white block nail buffer. Use the soft side to smoothen any ridges left by the filer and the nail cutter. Buffing also gives the nail a nice shine, making them look clean and healthy.

Soak the fingers

This step removes all the dead skin cells and residue from filing and softens the cuticles. After soaking, clean your nail bed, as there could be leftovers of nail dust. Use only lukewarm water and liquid hand soap for this step.

Pamper the cuticles

Use a sterilized cuticle pusher and gently push back the cuticles. Make sure not to be hard, as bruised cuticles cause infection. Massaging your cuticles is also advised for healthy-looking nails and fingers.

Apply basecoat and nail polish

Now you can move on to applying the base coat and thenal paint. First, start with the basecoat, and give a gentle stroke. Base coats are like the primer for nail polish. Wait for them to dry out before applying the nail colour.

The first coat of the nail polish should be light, and then you can move on to a thick coat. Ensure the previous layer has dried before going for a second or third coat.

Getting nails done in salons is expensive as it requires you to visit it every week or month. So investing in the materials and finding a professional LED nail lamp in Australia is a cost-effective choice. 

Salon charges heftily in Australia for nail services, so why not do it yourself at home.