Mon. May 27th, 2024
7 Ways to be More Effective as a Developer

Becoming a developer is no easy feat, let alone becoming one that is effective. Being an effective developer means knowing your craft and the basics but also excelling in them and all things web development. To help you get started in the right direction, we’ve rounded up a few tips to make you the most effective developer possible! 

1. Find Your Passion

Much like any career, having a passion for the subject or industry at hand can make all of the difference in being average or effective. Rarely will a traditional “it’s a job” Bentley rental dubai outlook help you to perform most effectively. You need to care about your job and want to do well for you to excel because you want to do things that matter to you. 

2. Know Your Stuff

It’s easy to look at web development as a whole and try to tackle everything at once. But, the reality is that developers need to work from the ground up with strong, supporting building blocks. 

Formal education can be helpful for this, though it’s not completely necessary. If you’re hoping to approach developing from a DIY standpoint, make sure to start with the basics and build out from there. 

For example, knowing how to code should take precedence over tackling the important, intricate design portion of the job description. Approaching complicated parts of the job first can lead to more errors and complicate your position. 

3. Adapt Well to Change 

Any position in the computer science sphere requires a certain level of adaptability. Why? Because the guidelines and recommendations are always changing. 

We see it year-to-year and, more notably, decade-to-decade change as it’s discovered that there is a better way to do things than previously thought. A stubborn web developer who is set in their ways will fall behind peers who can easily adjust to keep up with the most effective policies. 

If you’re finding it difficult to adapt to changes in the computer science space, try to understand why changes occur. They’re not just for fun or to weed out veterans in the space but to make the overall job better. After all, who wants to work harder when they can work smarter? 

4. Focus on Small Picture

An effective developer will be able to look at things as they come up rather than being overwhelmed or focused on the big picture. By building piece-by-piece, you are able to focus on each component to ensure a well put together end product. 

As exhausting as it might seem to build out something for so long with seemingly no reward, the end product will make the work and micro-level approach worthwhile. 

5. Test, Test, Test

Those who see themselves as experts will have one common downfall: arrogance. Effective code does not care how many years you have in the field or the number of projects you’ve done before. It simply cares (and will only work) when properly completed. 

That requires running tests on your code often. Even when you think you’re good, test the code again. The last thing you want is to get to the end and find that you missed something, potentially sabotaging your entire project! 

A developer who makes testing a number one priority will see better results than those who do not adopt the same precautionary step. 

In addition to running tests, you’ll also want to practice spotting errors at face value. Error spotting is a great skill to have and will strengthen with experience. That can also mean implementing bug tracking tools to help alleviate some of the burdens for yourself while also keeping your website top-notch. 

6. Don’t Stop Learning 

Developing requires a great amount of skill and dedication. What sets the so-so developer apart from a great one is often the amount of time someone dedicates to harnessing their skill Luxury cars rental dubai

It’s recommended that you never stop trying to learn more about web development. This also goes back to the immeasurable skill of knowing the latest, most effective tricks. 

7. Keep Practicing

Similar to keep learning is don’t stop practicing! There’s no reason that your development, coding, or other technical and creative skills should only be reserved for a job. 

Build things for fun, learn from any potential errors and keep going so you’re a stronger coder for when it matters most! There are plenty of applications out there that are designed just for practicing, such as freeCodeCamp.


Being the most effective developer you can be usually won’t come naturally. It often requires a ton of effort and investment in perfecting your craft. Whether it be educating yourself and keeping up on current terms and processes or whether it be practicing so you can spot errors and be the best version, there is plenty of room for improvement.