Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

You have to understand what you and your students can get with an educational webinar. Then only you will be able to conduct one for your students.

So, here is a comprehensive list of ways an educational webinar can benefit you.

  1. Offer Seamless Interactivity with the Students

You can create better communication opportunities for the students and teachers. Everyone can connect and interact with everyone without hassle. Moreover, the best educational webinar platform offers exceptional features and functionalities that can make the interaction seamless.

  • Clapping and Hooting Sound: Attendees will be able to clap and hoot for the speakers wherever they feel like during the live session. It keeps the audience engaged throughout the lecture and maintains an interaction between the audience and speakers.
  • Emoticons: Virtual participants will be able to use different emojis in order to express their emotions to the speakers. It is a simple way to maintain better communication and understanding among the speakers and audiences.
  • Live Real-Time Audience Interaction: Users can raise their hands to ask any question directly to the speakers. They do not have to wait for the chat or call option. The online educational webinar is a live session. So, students get the chance to communicate directly with the experts without any issues.
  • Open Presentations or White Board

Speakers and experts need a whiteboard or presentations to explain their point of view to the students. But the online educational webinar may sound impossible to do so. Hence, it is essential you choose the best webinar platform that offers complete freedom to share different types of content.

Furthermore, the speaker can share their screen in real-time in order to share the different content. They can use the videos, images, ppt, pdfs, or any other format they want. The online educational webinar platform will support all types of content sharing. 

  • Global Speakers

You can make experts from different countries available for the training session. It may be hard getting these speakers for an in-person event as it will charge you more. Furthermore, the traveling, venue, accommodation, food, and other expenditures can cost a lot to a middle-level school.

Instead, you can host educational webinars that can be helpful in making the global speakers present for a lecture at a low cost. They do not have to travel or do anything that can cost them or you more. So, they need a device, a link to your event, and an internet connection.

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  • Use Interesting Visuals for Better Explanation

You can use different images, videos, infographics, creatives, trailers, and more in order to attract audiences. The global audience has distinct likes and dislikes. Hence, you have to keep in mind that you choose the best way to attract a wide pool audience.

Furthermore, visuals can make all the people interested and reach the online event. For instance, you can watch youtube streaming videos. There are a lot of followers and viewers who like videos and reach youtube streaming for everything, such as recipes, training, lectures, and more. Such videos offer similar in-person experiences.

  • Conduct Surveys, Polls, and Tests

You can conduct more surveys before, during, and after the webinar. It will be helpful in knowing how much students like the event. Furthermore, you can create live polls with different questions related to your session topic.

Also, you can take an online test of the various students in order to check their knowledge and understanding in real-time. In addition, you can create different quizzes and puzzles in order to make your event more successful and better.

  • Question and Answer Sessions

Students will always have zillions of questions when it comes to studies. They will also try to get solutions for all the questions at one time during the live webinar session. Furthermore, you can create a separate Q&A session for the audience where they can ask their doubts and queries directly to the speakers.

The experts will answer all the questions in real-time, which can be helpful in clearing all the doubts and giving an offline experience to the students. In addition, a separate session can be beneficial in providing sufficient time for the students and speakers to interact and discuss.

  • Conduct Different Training

You can create different styles of training for the students. Furthermore, you can make them understand all the concepts and make all the aspects around the topic clear. In a nutshell, you can create a proper webinar series just like they do in a YouTube live streaming video.

They broadcast a video and leave the session with a continuous flow that makes the audiences come to their next broadcast. Hence, you can create a proper series where you can explain a point at one place on different days and sessions. It will offer sufficient time for the audience to revise and come back.

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful in understanding the benefits of the educational webinar.