Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Planning the perfect kind of outfit to wear for an occasion may take much of your time. You’ll also have to figure out the right jewelry to use for the event. It’s stressful, right? 

Choosing the right jewelry to fit your style is as important as wearing the right outfit. Records show that retail sales of jewelry in the US have grown from $15.05 billion in 1992 to $33.3 billion in 2020. Companies are producing varieties of jewelry yearly as the demand keeps increasing.   

With tons of choices available for you, selecting the ideal one to compliment your look might be tricky. How do I choose the perfect one that will suit my style? We’ve compiled the most essential tips you should consider when choosing the ideal jewelry. Let’s dive right in!

Selecting The Ideal Jewelry For Your Look

1. Find the Right Jewelry Color

Color is an essential factor to consider when choosing jewelry for your outfit. The color of your outfit should match the jewelry you plan to wear. Someone with diamond jewelry may have to consider a different outfit from one with emerald jewelry. 

White, black, gray, and neutral colors go well with any type of outfit. Diamonds come in these neutral colors as you would have to wear them everywhere. However, for your other accessories, you will have to look for the best combination. 

  • If you have a favorite color, use the color wheel to choose the jewelry that will match your outfit. As a rule, colors in the same color family as your outfit makes a good combination. You can also use opposite colors in the wheel because they complement each other.
  • Pine and blue-green colors blend with yellow gold, silver, and white jewelry. 

You can always experiment with different combinations as long as it brings out the uniqueness of your outfit. 

2. Incorporate Diamonds

Diamond jewelry is fast becoming popular because of the sparkle it adds to your collections. It is also a crowd favorite when shopping for engagement rings. Whether it is stud earrings, bracelets, watches, or necklaces, diamond jewelry will add the perfect spice to your outfit. It gets better with the lab-grown diamonds which are identical to real diamonds. 

The most popular type of diamond cut is the round brilliant cut usually used for engagement rings. You can style your jewelry collections with different types of diamonds cut to make you look classy. 

3. Follow the Necklines

Your cloth’s neckline also plays an important role in determining matching jewelry. Clothes with high necklines are compatible with long-line necklaces. However, high neckline clothes are not suitable for older folks because it reveals wrinkles around the neck. 

On the flip side, square and round necks fit better with medium-length necklaces. If you are looking for wedding jewelry, you need to pay attention to the neckline of your dress.  You don’t want to look awkward by that seemingly little piece.

For an asymmetric neckline dress, avoiding a necklace would be the perfect option. Such dresses were designed to be the center of attraction. You can go for other accessories like small earrings, studs, and watches. 

It is an entirely different ball game with an embellished neckline. You may be tempted to use that special jewelry on that dress, but you shouldn’t. An embellished neckline has its accessories already. You should choose lower body accessories like rings if the accessories are too pronounced. 

4. Pair it With Earrings

Glittery earrings shift attention from your clothes to your face. Diamond earrings and studs are great for highlighting your face. You also need to consider the shape of your face to select what will show its unique features. 

Conventionally, studs and triangular earrings are great for oval-faced women because it highlights the cheekbones. On the other hand, drop earrings are best suited for women with heart-shaped faces.

5. Know What’s The Occasion

Before you select the first pair of jewelry you lay your hands on, you must first consider what the occasion is. Imagine wearing a dangling necklace that distracts others in the office. That could be embarrassing.

You need to understand the kind of people you are going out to meet. Will your jewelry send a wrong perception of your personality? You should separate the jewelry you will wear to work from the one you will wear to a party. 

6. Know Your Jewelry Size

Size matters in choosing the type of jewelry you will use with an outfit. Tiny jewelry may not be noticeable with your outfit. You don’t also want to tilt to a large one because you may end up looking clumsy.

What’s the way out? Simple jewelry accessories are a suitable fit for patterned and busy clothes. Small bracelets and stud earrings for women can go with patterned and busy clothes. Large pieces of jewelry, on the other hand, are suitable for simple outfits. 

Planning to dress casually? You can match your outfit with either big bangles or necklaces. For conservative women, you can match your simple outfit with a small jewelry piece. 

7. Consider What’s Your Skin Tone

So far, we have focused more on matching your jewelry with your outfit. An essential aspect you must not look away from is your skin tone. Your skin tone determines whether your jewelry will be noticeable or not. For example, purple, red, and blue jewelry blends well with people with cooler skin tones.

Silver jewelry pieces are a great color that highlights most skin tones. Gold jewelry is known to go well with people with dark hair and matte skin. People with warmer skin tones tend to blend with green, yellow, and orange gemstones.


How you look on any occasion says much about your personality. Going through this article shows that you value your looks. You don’t need a specialist before you decide on the ideal jewelry for your looks. 

However, you don’t have to be rigid in choosing one method. You are free to be flexible and experiment with the different styles that suit your personality.