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Entice users, boost conversion rates, and scale up profits. 

Well, if these are your goals as a business owner, you need the best advertising practices.

Your business needs to spread your brand’s name among people because it contains the foundation of your success in any line of business.

Many small business owners start thinking about spending lots of their money on advertising practices. But that’s not true. Because there are so many tactics by which you can advertise your brand in fewer funds and get the maximum benefit from that.

And one such door of advertising opens up with the key of React Native Push Notifications.

Wondering to know more about it?

Let’s get started then.

What Is React Native Push Notification

The React Native Push notification is a pop-up short message that continuously blinks on your mobile’s screen from various brands.

React Native Push Notification Services are the best way for regaining user engagement and boosting sales to your business.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About React Native Push Notifications

Here, I am going to make you aware of 7 things that you didn’t know before about react-native push notification services:

1. The Exact Length

When it comes to React Native Push Notification Services, how much you write matters as much as what you write.!

That means quality as well as quantity matter. Hence, how long you create content is imperative. And the ideal length for push notifications should be between 40 to 70 characters including the title and one image.

2. Which Type Of Words do You Make Use Of?

Just Think about the term “FOMO”. Have you ever heard about it?

Well, it means fear of missing out. We all have it. Don’t you have one?

Therefore, create push notifications that build a sense of urgency in your customers.

Here, let me tell you some words that have the power to inspire people to react immediately. Those powerful words have been compiled that are recommended by the world’s top growth hackers

Rare, hurry, instantly, only, limited, scarce, exclusive, and temporary.

3. Do not Send Too Many Push Notifications 

Would you like your phone to look something like too darn?

Of course, you would not like that at all.

For sure, you would throw your mobile phone after a few seconds. Imagine each of them sounds something as well. How’s that? Quite annoying.

That’s why you should limit the number of push messages your app sends to any user. The ideal number is one every day, no more than five times per week.

Alternatively, allow the user to decide the frequency of the notifications. Even better, break them into categories and let people choose if they want to receive all of them or just some of them.

4. Polish Your Message

Whether it’s a general announcement or a sale for a specific promotion, it is pretty much important to enrich your push notification by adding captivating images that motivate. Images can go beyond what words can not express. 

5. What’s up Friend?

Just imagine receiving a push notification as an 82-year-old lady. No doubt, there are one or two grandmothers who would be fine with such notifications, but the majority of them will not be fine.

Hence, targeting is your best buddy. Consider what you communicate and with whom you communicate. By creating a different React-Native Push Notification Service for each demographic group, you may increase views, clicks, and purchases.

6. Make People Laugh With Your Push Notification 

Jokes and puns are always more interesting to read than reading boring sale promotional items.

So, don’t be afraid to joke with your clients. Because jokes, as well as puns based on pop-culture phenomena, are better. But, make sure you will not forget about personalization. And do not cross boundaries.

Moreover, people like seeing references related to their likes. So, make references to TV Shows, movies, and video games.

7. Should You Add Emojis?

Of course, you should use emojis.

But that does not mean you will use them in every single push notification. However, they add activeness and value to your content.

Emojis are great for driving user engagement. But only when they are relevant to your brand message and are used moderately.

Hence, another question raises- which emojis should you use? We have an answer to this question also.

Let’s check below to see the performances of emojis. After observing the bar graph, you will come to know which emojis you should use that are relevant to your brand’s push messages. 

Bottom Lines

So, these are some facts that you were not aware of about React Native Push Notification Services. Now, you are aware of that. So, start using push notifications if you want to entice users and boost sales to your business. You can find push notifications at WonderPush. At WonderPush, we offer rich React Native Push notifications in all plans. Hence, do not miss to check out push notifications on WonderPush.

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