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Now’s the perfect time to make the switch to solar energy. It’s a good idea to take advantage of the federal solar tax credit. This credit can reduce your federal income taxes on the solar panel system you install. 

Once you install the solar panel, you can enjoy the benefits. To reap the full benefits of this system, you must know how to keep the solar panels clean. 

There are solar system cleaning errors that you shouldn’t make. Read on to learn about the seven common errors that can ruin your solar system. 

1. Using the Wrong Cleaning Solution

Using the wrong cleaning solution is a major error. Keep in mind that you’ll be cleaning a system that costs thousands of dollars. The wrong cleaning solution can ruin the entire system. 

Refrain from using a household cleaner or soap on your solar panels. These products can damage the solar panels’ protective coating. This can make panels more susceptible to damage from the elements. 

Your solar system will not function if this occurs. This type of damage can void the warranty from the manufacturer. 

Make sure to use a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. You can use a soft cloth to gently apply the cleaning solution on to the panels to avoid damaging them. 

When in doubt, you can consult with the manufacturer. The manufacturer can suggest a good cleaning solution. It’ll have to be part of your solar system cleaning supplies. 

2. Scrubbing Too Hard

Never scrub the solar panels too hard. Keep in mind that you have to use a soft cloth to clean the panels. You may also use a brush to clean them. 

You might be excited to clean the system, but there’s no need to get overzealous. The point is to give it a proper cleaning so that the panels work better. Damaging the panels will do more harm than good. 

If you plan to scrub the panels, you’ll have to use clean water. Never rinse the scrub in dirty water. Doing so will reintroduce the dirt onto the panels. 

The dirt particles can scratch the glass. This can limit the amount of light that makes it to the panels which can affect their efficiency. 

3. Using a Pressure Washer 

One of the biggest solar system cleaning errors you can make is using a pressure washer to clean the system. The force of the water can damage the seals and connections on the panel. 

Damaged solar panels can cause leaks. They can also cause other significant issues. The best policy is to use a gentle hose to rinse off the panels. 

4. Don’t Clean the System in Direct Sunlight

Never clean your solar panels when they’re in direct sunlight. You might think it’s a good idea to let the sun dry the panels, but it’s a bad idea.

Cleaning in direct sunlight can cause the cleaning solution to evaporate too quickly. This can make the cleaning solution less effective. 

The sun can also cause the cleaning solution to damage the panels. You’ll find it hard to wash off the cleaning solution as it can penetrate the panels due to the intense heat. 

It’s best to clean the panels early in the morning or late in the evening. Clean the panels when the sun isn’t as strong. 

5. Don’t Leave Solar Panel Cleaning to Nature

It’s not wise to leave the cleaning of a residential solar system to nature. You might be thinking, “I’ll let the rain do all the work, so it can clean the solar panels.” 

The rain can help to clean the panels, but you shouldn’t rely on the rain. Don’t think of the rain as the final solution. The rain isn’t predictable, so don’t wait for it to come, especially if you live in a dry area where it doesn’t rain often. 

Rain can wash some of the dirt away, but it can’t wash away the dirt that accumulates at the bottom of the panels. That dirt will make it hard for the sun to reach the panels. 

The rainwater will evaporate. As it evaporates, it’ll leave behind small particles. Think of it as dirt and pollen that can damage solar panels. 

6. Not Inspecting Your Solar System Regularly

Your solar system cleaning routine needs to include an inspection of the panels. Be sure to inspect the panels for dirt and debris. You’ll also need to inspect them for damage. 

If you find dirt or debris on the panels, you’ll have to remove them right away. Don’t let these particles sit there. You want to avoid contaminating the panels. 

7. Failing to Use Caution When Cleaning Solar Panels

Safety is the number one rule when it comes to cleaning solar panels. By being safe, you can continue to contribute to environmental stewardship

You have to use proper caution as you climb the ladder to your roof. You don’t want to suffer an injury. 

You should also use caution as you clean the panels. The last thing you need is to fall and hurt yourself and damage the panels. 

Avoid These Seven Common Solar System Cleaning Errors

Once you install your solar system, you’ll have to focus on maintaining it by properly cleaning it. These are seven of the most common solar system cleaning errors that you must avoid. 

You’ll need to use the right solar system cleaning supplies to keep the panels like new. Remember to do a regular solar panel inspection. Doing these things can help you prevent damage. 

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