Aah! Watching television shows; one of the most blessed pastimes known to man. And thanks to modern-day streaming platforms, one can catch all the excitement without having to abide by any strict broadcasting schedules.

Among such streaming platforms is one very close to millions of people’s hearts. Sling TV quickly rose to popularity as it enabled viewers to watch their favorite movies and TV shows and live TV from the comfort of their living rooms.

Alas! Sling TV is not accessible outside the United States, and even if people wish to access Sling TV Canada, they wouldn’t be able to do so. That is unless they are doing it with the help of a reliable VPN service that masks their actual IP address and broadcasts one from within the US.

Anywho, we are not here to tell you how to watch Sling TV Canada or Sling TV USA. We are here to tell you what to watch on Sling TV. So, join us as we discuss some of the finest TV shows that Sling TV offers right now.

  1. The Flight Attendant

The star of The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco, is starring in yet another comedy where she takes on the titular role. Cassie Bowden (Cuoco) is a heedless flight attendant with a drinking problem. Though, her troubles soon skyrocket when she finds herself waking up in a strange hotel room with a dead man beside her.

Having no recollection of what happened the night before, Bowden struggles to find answers regarding the mysterious dead body. However, failing to find answers about what happened, she is compelled to consider the dreadful thought that she could be the culprit. Other noteworthy actors joining Cuoco include Zosia Mamet, Griffin Matthews, and others.

  1. Atlanta

Next, you might be tempted to tune into Atlanta when watching Sling TV Canada. Based in a fictional Atlanta, the story focuses on the life of Earnest (portrayed by Donald Glover) and his cousin Alfred (performed by Brian Tyree Henry). The duo is hell-bent on making a career in the rap world.

Throughout their journey, though, viewers see the sensitive issues revolving around race, poverty, and social status that African-Americans have to face regularly. Other prominent faces in the show include LaKeith StanfieldKhris Davis and some others.

  1. Better Things

Yet another comedy worth checking out on Sling TV is Better Things. Focused on the life of a single mother, the show portrays how a Hollywood actress manages to grow her career while simultaneously struggling with the responsibility of raising her three daughters all alone. Actors blessing this show include Pamela Adlon, Celia Imrie, Rebecca Metz, and others.

  1. Ten Percent

Set in a fictional London, Ten Percent tells the tale of a talent agency. The agency has recently lost its founder. And soon after the founder’s death, the agency starts having a hard time keeping the clients happy. And not only that, the agency’s survival might be at risk as well. Notable faces seen in this spectacle include Jack Davenport, Lydia Leonard, Maggie Steed, and others.

  1. Mayans MC.

Set 2 years after the era of Jax Teller, Mayans MC picks up the story when EZ Reyes (portrayed by JD Pardo) is released from prison. EZ is seen rising with a roaring passion as he is on a path to forming his own identity as an outlaw. Whether he achieves it or not is something you can find out if you tune into this show. Actors supporting Pardo include Clayton Cardenas, Michael Irby, Raoul Max Trujillo, and others.

  1. Doctor Who

There are not many people that have not heard about the gem that is Doctor Who. However, for those living under rocks, let us introduce you to the show. Doctor Who features the adventures of a rather peculiar Doctor, one who is from outer space and has the power to travel through time with the help of the trusty TARDIS (short for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). Throughout the series, fans have had the joy of falling in love with numerous Doctors, some of the prominent of which are Matt Smith, David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker.

  1. The Alienist

Lastly, you could always check out this fantastic crime drama about a newspaper illustrator and a criminal psychologist. Set in the late 19th century, the illustrator, John Moore, joins forces with Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, aka the Alienist, to hunt down a serial killer terrorizing New York City. While Daniel Brühl takes on the role of the Alienist, Luke Evans portrays the illustrator, with Dakota Fanning, Robert Wisdom, Douglas Smith, and various others in supporting roles.

Ready, Set, Stream!

We could only do so much as to guide you to the titles worth checking on Sling TV USA and Sling TV Canada. It is up to you to grab a subscription and start binging these shows right away!

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