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Interior Doors

Doors aren’t just for access to a room – there’s so much more you can do with it to add an exquisite touch to the interior of your home.

Why just limit to using doors as a passageway when the world offers other elements to consider too, such as interior decoration. If you’re looking for ways to make a statement with door, ranging from your iron doors to accordion doors, you’re at the right place!

Here are six unique and elegant uses of interior doors as décor for your home in Sammamish:

Grand Entrance

The door is always placed opposite to the focal point of a room so that upon entering, all eyes go to the best part, such as a fireplace or an accent wall. Opt for iron doors that exude elegance and finesses; after all, you’d want the best for your Sammamish home!

Whether it’s the entrance of your home or an entry point to the living area, make a grand statement with oversized Crittall-style iron doors. Because Crittall-style doors are so versatile, you can make a grand iron door with sidelights and transoms with a Crittall-style inspired iron door wall.

Save More Space

Do you have space issues and want to make your home look more open? Let’s hide them

beds away with barn-style iron doors.

The most space-consuming furniture in every room is the bed. If hidden, it can make your room look bigger and open. Create in-the-wall bunk beds and hide them during the day by sliding the barn-style iron doors in place. The flat style of the iron door that’s in the

matching color of your wall will feel like it’s not even there; it seamlessly blends into the


Let it Glow

Another trick to making your home look bigger than it actually is can be achieved through an abundant flow of natural light. Here’s where French iron door come into play!

French iron doors are made for homes that prefer being flooded with natural light. Light brightens up darker areas of your home, bringing attention to even the little details. French iron doors are perfect for patios or even as room doors. They’ll let in more light and make your home look like a work of art.

Customized Glass and Steel Doors

Sometimes, it takes a little effort to create more room in your home than there is. While it seems like a great idea to tear down some walls, but there’s no need for it!

Simple, get a customized glass and steel door cum room divider. Whether it’s a small area

you’d like to divide or split the entire living space into two, a glass and steel door divider fits the role perfectly.

The glass allows the flow of natural light, and the steel doors can add elegance to your living space. See the content of both the room and enjoy the bigger space without compromising on your needs with a glass and steel door.

Closet cum Home Office

Are you wondering how to create a beautiful home office with a closet without compromising on the space? Invest in a custom-built sliding iron door to maximize space while creating a peaceful space to work.

If you don’t want to disturb the room on its own, use the closet to make a home office with a beautifully crafted iron door. When closed, it will create the perfect office space where you can carry out your work without any distractions.

Tell a Story

Iron doors have been a medium to tell stories through intricate ironwork, From forging names and family initials to tributes for soldiers.

Tell your own story through a customized iron door. The colors and design used in the chosen design can say a lot about your preferences and lifestyle. Express your fascination for the history through French iron doors or install factory-style iron doors for a rustic feel.

Find the Right Door Maker

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Order a custom design to make a unique door like your story, or just select one from their collection online for a quick and hassle-free process.

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About the Author

Timothy H. is one of the most famous interior decorators of the 21st century. A Master’s graduate from Pratt Institute, New York, his work is highly inspired by the French and Roman era that he plays with to blend in today’s modern century. His work can be seen in many celebrity homes and other famous figures.