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6 Treny Kilt Designs That you really love & wear

If You Want Something Scottish, Go Get Yourself a Kilt

No garment can come at par with the rich history of kilts and the intimacy in adorning the Scottish lineage with pride. Keeping the 21st-century trends in mind, our Kilts for Big Guys capture the needs of the modern gentleman in his day-to-day life. Our in-house collection features an assortment of designs, each more distinct than the last. Each design knits the traditional kilt structure around key elements of contemporary fashion. Next time you want the versatility of denim without the discomfort of jeans, let our denim kilts save the day for you. If you want to make a fashion statement on your night out, you can choose from a grand collection of leather kilts. The designs showcase a mastery of craftsmanship to give you a truly exceptional kilt-wearing experience. Whether it is the way our tartan kilts speak to your identity or the utility kilts offering a fresh look to work-wear, each of our men’s kilts has a unique story to narrate.

Modern Kiltsare designed with a modern fashion sense by keeping in touch with highland tradition. Scottish men in kilts always have a distinctive look at every event.

Kilt can boost your self-confidence:

No matter what outfit you wear, you should wear self-confidence first in order to look chic and classy. Your self-esteem is what makes you look the way you want to. Therefore, developing and cultivating self-confidence is a responsibility whether you are a man or a woman no matter what you wear. Self-confidence is must if you are to develop it as a person. Let’s get to wearing the kilt. Especially when you wear the kilt officially in public, it attracts attention and puts you in the mirror. As it is a traditional Scottish dress, it can bring you opportunities to talk about your culture and traditions and make you feel proud of it.

According to Scottish Kilt; “Wearing a kilt brings an extra source of good translation power into self-confidence.”

Wearing a kit for the first time:

We are all a little skeptical when it comes to dressing up or doing something for the first time. Here are a few tips to help you with your decision to wear a kit to the event and be proud of it later.

Try it first at home:

Instead of wearing it directly at a party, try wearing it first at home to see if it fits you well or not, and practice how to fix all the buckles and stuff. We all know that habit makes a man perfect, so when you exercise and get used to feeling at home, it will be easier for you to carry it in public.

Go out for a day with friends:

Your friends are people you feel most confident and comfortable with where you are. Therefore, it is always a good idea to go out and have fun with your friends whether your friends are wearing a kit or not. You might be inspired to wear one someday. Also, your friends can give you excellent advice and make you feel better about it. So just get your kit, put it on, and call your friends.

What are the different styles of kilts?

Most Kilts and kilt styles never quite left the world of style trends. One of the oldest and most timeless fashion staples, kilts are fine, elegant garments for men that come in a number of different patterns, materials & styles to choose from.

Hybrid Kilts | A Friendly Reminder to our Legacy Reimagined in Style

Remember when you wished to show off your tartan design at work or casually in the streets? With our uber-chic and practical hybrid kilt designs, the struggle to manage tradition and trend is over. The two-tone Hybrid kilts designs are specially meant to suit everyday outfit requirements. Thus, each piece is a fusion of contemporary and traditional designs. We offer leather and denim overlays over the traditional kilt structure. The fabrics are easy to maintain, machine-washable, and sourced from credible tanneries. Each piece comes with multi-functional pockets and additional loops for a better silhouette. Truth be told, we do not see how this contemporary take on Scottish tartans and kilts is not the game-changer outfit for all. Remember you are investing in a Hybrid Utility Kilt that represents more than just a garment in our collection.

Tartan Kilts | Best of Traditional, Casual & Contemporary Kilts for the Stylish men

There is no denying that a tartan kilts best embodies the simplicity and festivity of Scottish culture and represents the Highlander spirit. However, due to its popularity in the modern era we love experimenting with traditional kilts. It’s excellent for all occasions & events, thanks to the transition from pure to acrylic wool and other fabrics which makes it easy-to-maintain and more comfortable to handle. Our range of 1400+ tartans, to choose a design for your kilt, speaks for itself. Seamlessly stitched by the world’s best kilt-makers as per the traditional way, Scottish kilts for sale remain superior with their unmatched grace. At the Scottish Kilt Shop, we make sure to cater to all your bold ideas through its completely custom-made option for a more laid-back, best-fit, and sophisticated structure.


Denim Kilts | When in Doubt Wear Denim Kilts

Denim is universally known as one of the most versatile fabrics a person can wear. Whether you intend to just step out for the day in casual wear or are wanting something comfortable to lounge around in, denim kilts are the way to go. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we take the comfort and appeal of a denim kilt to the next level with our selection of Denim Kilts that come not only in a standard style but also in utility and hybrid varieties. Double the convenience of a kilt with the inclusion of pockets and hooks on a utility kilt or up your style by incorporating the tartan fabrics in a hybrid kilt. Available in several shades of dark and light denim, all styles are all made from high-quality materials and are completely made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

Men’s Utility Kilts | A Treat for our Diligent Workmen, Laborers & Athletes

The modern gentleman need not struggle to find a balanced work-wear or sports outfit again! With our completely custom-made, cotton Utility Kilts, you can go out on a hike, get to work, or dress up for formal events. Deep accordion cargo pockets, retractable hammer loops, belt loops, and slash pockets turn these into one of the world’s best kilt designs. All hail our ultimate showstopper men’s utility kilts! A little flair of pop-culture drama combined with the art of kilt-making and out-emerged, our utility kilts for sale are not an opportunity to be missed.


Leather Kilts | The Ultimate, Chic yet Traditional Show-Stopper

You put on men’s leather kilts and immediately catch every eye in the room. Imagine what would happen when the king of fabric comes together with the best of Scottish tradition? With a range of 7 colors to choose from, and easy maintenance, our Men’s Leather Kilts collection is certainly not an offer to be missed. At the Scottish Kilt Shop, we have added the versatility and finesse of leather into this already prospective bet. While presenting our leather utility kilts, we would never cease to uphold the centuries-old kilt-making traditions! However, it doesn’t hurt to add contemporary elements through leather detailing to suit today’s gentleman. Our Custom leather kilts are the ultimate, fiery garment that deserves a place in your go-to wardrobe. You can personalize and completely customize the kilts with hardware and color choices that suit your personality. Now wade through our collection of leather kilts for sale and flaunt yourself to turn every eye towards you. No matter which leather kilt you choose, you can be confident in the way it will fit, thanks to the ability to choose both the hip and waist size that suits you best.

Tactical Camouflage Kilts

Nothing is Sexier than a Man in a Tactical Kilt Who said camo prints only belong outdoors? If combined with the right elements of fashion, a man in a camo print is totally irresistible. With our Tactical Kilts collection for sale, you can do precisely that and much more! So let us exhibit our love and spirit for the patriotic camo design with our newest range of 8 camo prints for a kilt! This macho military wear is a heavy-duty construction ideal for the rugged outdoors. Indeed, kilts are often deemed the ideal hike outfits due to their mobility and breathing space. Live and breathe your Celtic pride as you go on adventures by customizing the Camo Kilt to your respective Tartan Clan.

Fully equipped as a utility kilt, they ensure you look just as intense as your clan. You can’t go wrong if you’re simply looking for a quality Camouflage Kilt print to wear to work or dress up for a party. So choose the pattern and fabric color you like, and let the modern gentleman in you savor the unique Scottish kilt experience.


Scottish Kilt is always willing to help customers to make their Hogmanay more valuable and memorable, therefore you can ask for any  customization or requirements, like Buttons, tartan patterns, big & tall Kilts or anything that comes into your mind.