Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting justice after you suffered an injury can seem like a daunting task, especially for someone who isn’t familiar with the legal world. Choosing the right Kansas City personal injury lawyer to represent you is one of the most essential steps you can take. Here are some questions to bring to any lawyer you’re considering to make sure they’re the right choice for you.

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Have You Seen a Case Like Mine Before?

Experience is vital when it comes to navigating the courtroom. When you hire someone to represent you, you want them to be familiar with the subject at hand in your court case. That makes it essential to ask if the lawyer has dealt with personal injury cases in the past and if they’ve dealt with one similar to yours in particular.

Every personal injury case comes with a unique set of circumstances. While it’s unlikely any case has been exactly like yours in every detail, the lawyer should be experienced enough in similar cases to provide you with a clear course of action. That will give you the assurance that you’re working with somebody who has seen this situation before.

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2. How Will We Keep In Contact Throughout The Case?

Good communication is a vital attribute for any good lawyer to have. You want to be kept on the same page as your legal team throughout the case at every step along the way. Asking questions that set clear expectations for your communication will save you frustration later on in the case.

To start with, ask whether the lawyer themselves or a paralegal or other staff member will be your point of contact. Inquire about different means of communication as well, including phone calls, texting, and emails. Ideally, the lawyer will be able to communicate with you using mediums that fit your personal preferences.

3. What Timeframe Do You Expect for This Case?

By their very nature, court cases are unpredictable. Even the most experienced and skilled lawyer will most likely be unable to predict exactly how a particular case will occur. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect to be provided with some sort of timeframe for handling your case.

Instead of asking for a firm deadline on when the case will be resolved, try to ask for details about how long different processes take. This will let you set the proper expectations when you reach these steps in your personal injury case.

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4. Do You Have Testimonials from Past Clients?

A proven track record is one of the best indicators of a quality lawyer that’s worth your time. Past clients of a lawyer can give you great insight into the quality of the firm that you’re considering for your own case. Any experienced lawyer should be able to provide you with testimonials or references from past clients.

If it’s possible to communicate directly with these past clients, that can also be a helpful resource to draw on. Ask them not only about the result of their case but also about how the lawyer was to work with. This will give you a more complete picture of what to expect when working with the law firm in question.

5. What Problems Do You See Arising with My Case?

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This old wisdom holds up when you’re searching for a Kansas City personal injury lawyer. If the lawyer you’re considering paints an overwhelmingly positive picture of your case and tries to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about in the process ahead, they likely aren’t being completely honest with you.

An experienced lawyer will instead recognize potential issues with your case and will be openly to you about them. This will help both of you plan for potential setbacks so that you can deal with any problems that end up arising.

6. Will I Be Responsible for Costs If My Case Fails?

Everybody hopes for success when beginning a legal battle. However, no matter how solid the evidence in your favor is, there is always an inherent risk of things not going your way. You want to ask questions early on to make sure that you’re ready for this possibility if the worst-case scenario does arise.

Determining how expenses related to the case will be dealt with in the event of a loss in court is vital. Ask how the law firm in question deals with out-of-pocket expenses so that you can set the correct expectations ahead of time and prepare for any possible scenario.

Asking these questions and more will help you be certain that you’re working with a legal representative you can trust. That will put you on the right track to getting the justice that you deserve.