Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Ice cream is one of the tastiest and most delicious treats out there and no one can argue with this fact. There are a lot of ice cream flavors, and textures that one can enjoy. From strawberry to vanilla, and from chocolate to caramel, each ice cream flavor has a signature taste and vibe to it.

There are certain myths associated with eating and making ice cream as well. These beliefs have no basis and experts seem to reject them more often than not. Believing baseless myths about ice cream eating can deprive you of the true joy and excitement that one receives from this experience.

Here are some of the most widespread myths about ice cream that you must know

  1. Ice Cream is Extremely Unhealthy

There are so many people out there who equate eating ice cream to having poison for dessert. We are here to tell you that nothing can be farther from the truth. Taking a moderate amount of ice cream does not harm your health whatsoever.

In fact, ice cream contains some essential vitamins and minerals that can help your bones become stronger and your overall health a bit better. It is when you eat ice cream excessively that it starts taking a toll on your body. And that is true for anything that you eat in unhealthy amount.

  1. Ice Cream Causes Sore Throat

This is another common myth that destroys the ice cream reputation badly. Most experts who have been in the health department seem to believe the exact opposite.

Ice cream is actually quite effective in reducing mouth inflammation and tonsil removal pain. In fact, most dentists even recommend it after a dental procedure to relieve the pain.

  1. Fluffier Ice Cream Equals Better Taste

It is a matter of your preference whether you enjoy a fluffier or thicker sort of ice cream. We think you should try both of these to find out which you like the best. Most people decide the ice cream product based on how light and fluffy it is which is not the right way.

As we have said each type of ice cream offers something unique and you need to try every flavor and category to find the one you like the best.

  1. Cold Weather Means Less Ice Cream Sales

This myth has no basis whatsoever since if that were true there would be no market for ice creams in the colder countries of the world. Cold weather has nothing to do with reduced ice cream sales and you can verify this by visiting any supermarket in winter and checking out its ice cream aisle.

For a true ice cream lover, it does not matter what the weather is like out there. They are as excited about eating this treat in winter as they are in summer or spring or any other season. For more information go now on this page.

  1. Alcohol Makes Ice Cream Softer

Though that is true, this is not the best way to prepare ice cream. Adding alcohol to this mix lowers its freezing point which stops the ice cream from getting rock solid.

What most people don’t know is that doing this also lowers the melting point of the ice cream. This causes your ice cream to melt a lot faster and that destroys its taste and texture short after you take it out of the freezer.

  1. You Cannot make Ice Cream Without Heating the Milk First

The heating or scalding of milk is considered essential before mixing ice cream ingredients. This step is totally unnecessary and does not affect the ice cream taste or quality whatsoever.

The milk is scalded to make it pasteurized, which is already done before the milk arrives at your local store. So, you can just skip this step and still prepare a killer batch of your own ice cream.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most common myths that are associated with ice cream. So many people seem to believe these without any reason and that makes their ice cream eating experience dull and less enjoyable.

We hope this information has made things a bit clear for you and has helped you debunk some of the most widely acknowledged misconceptions about ice cream.