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If you’ve never been in a position to select a personal injury attorney, it can be a little confusing to know exactly what to look for. While field specialization is important, a Phoenix personal injury lawyer isn’t necessarily great at what they do just because they practice in that field. There are several special skills that make a Phoenix personal injury lawyer a coveted professional. Here are 6 special characteristics or qualities to look for when choosing a Phoenix personal injury lawyer to represent you. 

Empathy and Compassion

A great Phoenix personal injury lawyer will have both empathy and compassion for their clients. This most certainly does not mean that they will feel sorry for their clients, and there is a distinct difference. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer with empathy will be able to understand what their clients are going through. 

Clients often come to them injured, sometimes angry, and often in debt from taking time off work due to their injuries. The best Phoenix personal injury lawyer will understand this and be compassionate to what their clients are enduring as they navigate the legal system in search of justice. 

Ability to Think Outside the Box

A winning Phoenix personal injury lawyer will have the unique capability to think outside the box. Not everything is black and white. Sometimes, attorneys must get creative to negotiate successfully with insurance companies or litigate their cases in court. While they will follow the law, a Phoenix personal injury lawyer doesn’t always give up when something isn’t easy or because they hear the word “no.”

Great Story-Telling Abilities

The best Phoenix personal injury lawyer will have the unique ability to tell a compelling story. They need to apply the law to your specific case and tell a passionate story that tugs at people heart strings. Whether they are negotiating with insurance companies, creditors or litigating in court, it’s important for them to take listeners on a personal journey when they tell a story. When others can feel your pain and see things from your point of view, you’ve got a much better shot at recovering damages. 

Strong Negotiation Skills

An important part of the job for any Phoenix personal injury lawyer is negotiating. They must be a skilled negotiator to be great at their job. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer often spends time negotiating settlement offers with insurance companies. They must understand how to handle themselves to properly represent you and get you the maximum value for your claim. 

Excellent Communication Skills

A Phoenix personal injury lawyer cannot be really successful without excellent oral and written communication skills. These skills add to their ability to tell a great story and to fiercely negotiate settlement offers. They’ve got to be able to draft appropriate paperwork and communicate effectively with those around them. A skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyer will be able to keep you informed and clearly communicate the details of your case. 

Winning Experience

While experience doesn’t always make a great attorney, most of the best Phoenix personal injury lawyers do have plenty of experience. They are good at what they do and have used their personal experience to pick up tips along the way. There are specific ways to apply the law to each case, negotiate with different insurance companies, and litigate successfully. Much of this can only be learned in practice. Look for a Phoenix personal injury lawyer with experience handling personal injury claims in your state. 

Consult with a Great Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you’ve suffered serious injury because of someone else’s negligence, seek the counsel of an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer today. Finding the right personal injury lawyer is important, so look for specific qualities in your search. Choose a Phoenix personal injury lawyer who is compassionate towards your circumstances and has excellent communication skills. They should be able to think outside the box, tell a great story, and fiercely negotiate with insurance companies. You’ll want a Phoenix personal injury lawyer who has experience litigating and winning personal injury cases in your state along with the other important qualities. 

By Richard Maxwell

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