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As we know, lookup services are considered the best services as they allow users to extract information about any person in seconds. A person may come across the need when he wants to search about a specific person but is unable to search because of having no information except his email.

Several free email lookup services allow users to search about a person by using his email address. People prefer these lookup services because these services also help them to search about a person using minor details. For example, we can also search about a person’s surname beginning with a without hindrance.

We are going to discuss the 6 best tools that are providing users free email lookup services. All the services are full-featured and allow users to search about persons even by using the email address of the targeted person. A person will be able to have all the details about a person just by his email address. 

  • PeopleFinderFree

PeopleFinderFree is one of the best free email lookup services that are not only considered best for email lookup service but also provides other services like phone lookup service or address lookup service.

Surely, a person will get authentic and reliable results after using the PeopleFinderFree email lookup service. As the email lookup service of this platform is assisting users in various fields of life hence is proved to be veritable. 

The main advantage of this service is that it keeps the privacy of the searcher. That means if you are searching about a specific person then your identity will remain disclosed and the targeted person will never be able to find you. 

Since people try to find out information about a person using minor details. This service allows them to extract whole information about the targeted person by using little data. It also allows users to search by using the first letter of the name for instance surnames starting with r or any other. 

Features of PeopleFinderFree email lookup service 

Many other tools provide email lookup services but PeopleFinderFree has its reputable position in the market because of its exceptional features as described below:

  • Authenticity 

This is an authentic email lookup service that checks mail transfer protocol against the request sent by the users to provide you with authentic information. It goes beyond its ways while extracting and collecting information from reliable sources. 

  • Budget-friendly 

It offers you to search for any email address without emptying your wallet. You can get all the useful information such as phone numbers, residential addresses, and much more information about any US-based email address owner for free. 

  • Quick service

The main reason for its popularity is the fast service that grabs the user’s attention toward itself. As people will always prefer to use such a service that provides the results in seconds. Hence, this feature of PeopleFinderFree becomes the cause of grabbing users toward itself. 

  • Secure search 

PeopleFinderFree is a secure platform that lets you search any email address privately and anonymously. If you are looking for the email address of your friend or family member then there is no need to worry as the person will never find out or be notified in any manner. 

2. CocoFinder

CocoFinder provides an excellent secure email lookup service to find detailed information about a person on any email address. It lets you find the name, age, photos, current address, and phone numbers of the email holder. 

Whenever you enter an email address it goes through its vast database in which information is collected from social media platforms, government websites, and other disclosed sources. In short, it is a fast email lookup service that lets you get accurate and valid information on time. 

3. FindPeopleFast

FindPeopleFast is a trusted email lookup service that lets you avoid scams or fraud or verify details or reveal the identity of an unknown email address. It processes almost 1 billion mailboxes every day so we can say that it will be able to look for the exact match in a minimal amount of time. 

By using FindPeopleFast you can discover the name,  track the location or social media accounts, get photos and phone numbers of the target email address owner. To find the target person FindPeopleFast searches through the host IP address, DNS records, directory systems, and email headers. 

4. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is also a reliable email lookup service that helps users to extract useful information instantly without wasting their time and money. It is designed to provide accurate and verified data about any email address. 

It permits you to access its huge database and find out the personal information of the email holder along with court records, traffic tickets, criminal and arrest warrants. It offers advanced and updated tools so if any changes occur in the report it will inform you as soon as possible. 

5. RealPeopleSearch

RealPeopleSearch is an authentic email lookup service that lets you extract email owners’ identity phone numbers, the person’s public records, social media accounts address information, and browsing history. 

It is a reliable tool as it does not save passwords or track users’ information so you can enjoy a safe search. It also provides high search speed as within a few minutes you will be able to get a detailed report of your target email address. 

6. NumLooker

NumLooker provides an easy way to do an email search. This online email lookup service is more reliable and foolproof as compared to other Google searches or social media searches. It is a free service that offers a huge database to conduct an authentic email search. 

By using NumLooker email search you can find names of email owners, their current addresses, social media profiles, phone numbers, criminal records, and possible neighbors’ and relatives’ names.

Sum and Substance:

The above article concludes the services that allow users to search about a person using his email address. The majority of users are facing a common problem that they are unable to have information about one’s email as it is very secret information but very difficult to extract. 

A person can consider the above discussed free email lookup services for finding out the email of a specific person. 


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