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grocery delivery app development solutions

Grocery delivery apps are one of the most preferred on-demand applications across the world. It is because groceries are an essential component of human life, and an individual can’t live without them. Online grocery shopping apps leverage people to buy groceries from the comfort of their homes, without wasting much of their valuable time traveling, roaming here & there in a crowded supermarket, standing in long queues for payment, parking queues, and much more. contact this link 

If we talk about the e-grocery market in the USA, it stands at $32.7bn and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.6% during 2022-2027. Whereas in UAE, it covers a market share of $2 billion which calculates 12% of overall e-commerce sales there. If you are a business enthusiast, then you can capitalize on this opportunity and make your business venture in the online grocery delivery industry whether in the UAE or the USA. 

Here in this blog, we are going to shed light on a few of the best grocery app development solutions that are contributing a lot to the e-grocery market in the UAE and the USA respectively. In our compiled list of online grocery shopping apps, we included the top three grocery delivery apps from the most popular online shopping apps in UAE while the remaining three are the most used grocery delivery app development solutions from the USA. 

Let’s discuss each of them one by one. 

1. Barakat: 

Barakat is an online fruit and vegetable grocer. Here, customers can buy fresh fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, salads, juice pops, ice cream, and much more. Barakat provides fresh produce of the above-mentioned products from the best sources across the UAE. The customers can get delivery of the ordered items the same day or the next day across major cities in the UAE like Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Dubai, and Sharjah. 

Barakat charges 10 AED as a delivery fee if the ordered amount is less than 50 AED. Whereas for the ordered amount above 50 AED, there is no delivery fee or free delivery of the shopped items. Other than this, the application leverages customers with several discounts offers that they can redeem as per their purchased items or ordered amount. 

2. Carrefour: 

Carrefour was rolled out via Emirates-based Majid Al Futtam in 1995 in the MENA region. Majid Al Futtaim owns the entire business and operates it in more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Carrefour runs Carrefour Hypermarket, Carrefour Market, Carrefour City and Carrefour Webstore to cater to its diverse audience base. 

The customers can choose from the widest range of products (500,000+ products) across food and non-food and can enjoy the company’s outstanding customer service. They can shop for groceries, baby products, personal care products, electronics, smartphones, and much more all through the Carrefour app. The application can be accessed in Arabic and English languages and customers can redeem discount offers on groceries and fresh food. 

3. NowNow:

It is an all-in-one delivery app that allows customers to get the delivery of everyday essentials to their doorsteps within 60 minutes. Using its app, available on both Android and iOS, customers can place orders throughout the day until the partner stores are open. With NowNow, one can order groceries, medicines, pet supplies, fresh meat, organic foods, and much more from top stores. 

And you will be charged just AED 5 for delivery. There is no such minimum order amount. Customers can buy groceries of any amount and can make payments through credit cards, debit cards, and cash on delivery. They can even redeem several ongoing NowNow promo codes as well. 

4. Walmart Grocery: 

It is the digital extension of the physical Walmart store. Since Walmart was quite popular across the United States, the rollout of its digital extension came out as a surprise for its loyal customers. However, they were quite happy as they can find all the store items here and can get doorstep delivery of the order grocery. 

Using the Walmart Grocery app, users can schedule delivery of their favorite items at their preferred time though they have to pay an additional amount of $8-10 to receive the goods. You can even pay $13 or $100 a year for membership for free delivery. 

5. Instacart: 

It is one of the best grocery delivery apps available in North America that covers 85% of the United States and 66% of Canada. It partners with major supermarket chains including Safeway, Whole Foods, and others, that provides Instacart access to more than 300,000 goods. 

Other than this, Instacart has collaborated with 250,000+ retailers which makes it a platform associated with almost every supermarket chain in the United States. Customers avail of free delivery when they sign up for the platform and they can buy food from many locations at once. They can even shop around for the greatest deals on various items. 

6. Peapod: 

A Chicago-based delivery service that enables doorstep delivery of groceries across Boston, New York City, Chicago, and Indianapolis in the United States. Customers can create a grocery shopping list using the app. They can even make recurrent purchases utilizing several tools offered by the app. 

The app comes packed with an outstanding feature of Order Genius that records customers’ purchases and provides them with personalized recommendations based on their consumption habits. Another major highlight of the app is Meal Kits which provides customers with the items required to prepare a dish. With its unique functionalities, Peapod is aimed at simplifying the cooking process for individuals. 

Cost to Develop an Online Grocery Shopping App

If any business enthusiast is willing to venture into the e-grocery industry and wants to develop an app solution that can cater to the grocery needs of the audience in the UAE and USA. He/she can take the help of a reputed grocery delivery app development company with years of hands-on experience in grocery delivery app development. And can choose the best-suited grocery delivery app development solution out of its wide range of grocery delivery app development services and make its dream come true. 

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If we talk about the cost of a grocery app development solution, a software company residing in developed nations charges much as compared to other countries. If you choose an Indian grocery app development company, then the cost of the complete development will only be $10,000-30,000.  Also, a white-label grocery app costs much less than one built from scratch. In the white label app, you can add extra features of your choice in addition to pre-configured features. 

Final Words: 

To conclude, it is true that the only purpose of developing a grocery mobile app is to ease customers’ lives. Many grocery delivery services are working tirelessly in the UAE and the USA. For the last decades, they are striving to retain their target audience and add more each year. No doubt, the Pandemic brought a boom in the on-demand grocery delivery mobile app industry.

 If you’re thinking about developing a grocery delivery mobile app, you must choose an experienced grocery delivery mobile app development company. With their expertise and quality work, you can boost your grocery business to the next level. You will get the best quality product within a given time frame. In the 21st century, there is no time to waste when it comes to growth and customer satisfaction.

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