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The bachelor’s degree needed to pursue teaching as a career in schools is called a B.Ed. The Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. is not an undergraduate degree; thus, it is important to be aware of this before enrolling in the program. B.Ed. is a professional program and students who successfully complete it from B.Ed. Colleges in Jaipur can find employment in the education sector. However, it should be emphasized that people who want to teach senior secondary school classes must hold a post-graduate degree before enrolling in a B.Ed. program. One of the most common profession choices among students has always been teaching. However, candidates must have the necessary credentials in order to work as professors at colleges and universities or teachers at the pre-nursery, nursery, primary, secondary, and senior secondary levels in schools.

1 Admission to B.Ed. College –

Candidates must be aware of the prerequisite eligibility requirements for admission to the B.Ed. Programme before submitting an application. Candidates must have graduated from college in any stream—whether it be arts, science, or commerce—in order to be eligible for B.Ed. However, the majority of well-known B.Ed. College in Jaipur allows applicants to participate in their B.Ed. Course admission procedure provided they have graduated with at least 50–55% at the UG level. There is no age restriction for B.Ed. Admissions in the vast majority of universities. However, some B.Ed. Universities have a minimum age requirement of 19 for applicants.

2 Choose your Course

Candidates can pursue B.Ed. Courses as full-time, part-time, distance/correspondence, online, and classroom programs. However, the majority of B.Ed. Courses in India are offered as full-time programs by various institutes and universities. Students typically learn about topics like Gender, School and Society, Pedagogy of a School Subject, Creating an Inclusive School, Learning and Teaching, Assessment for Learning, Childhood and Growing Up, and other topics in a B.Ed. Program. Private and public colleges charge different amounts for the B.Ed. The program, on average, the course costs approximately 2 LPA. 

3 Entrance to College

In government colleges, the B.Ed. Costs may even be less than ₹50,000. Candidates with a B. Ed degree can find employment in educational consultancies, coaching centres, schools, and departments of education. Through prescribed exams, a candidate with this degree may also be hired as a government teacher. Candidates who are considering a B.Ed. The program should keep an eye out for updates on B. Ed Admission 2022. For applicants seeking admission into the B. Ed program, the majority of colleges and universities conduct their entrance exams. 

4 Career after B.Ed.

Both public and private employment opportunities are in high demand for B. Ed. graduates. In India, the standard wage is 5LPA. Entry-level salaries begin at 20,000 per month, while the majority of experienced professionals can earn up to 9,000 each year. Teaching is one of the most respected professions in the world, as they play a vital role in a student’s life. Both the public and private sectors need teachers after acquiring a B.Ed. Degree, you will be eligible to acquire a job in secondary and higher secondary institutions.

5 Other career opportunities

After pursuing B.Ed., you will get offered a teaching job as a permanent, temporary, part-time, or full-time as per your interest. With a B.Ed degree, you can work in Schools, Education Department, Coaching Centres, Education consultancies, home, and private tuition, etc. Apart from teaching in schools, you can open your coaching institutions where you can provide tuition to the students. 

Getting a degree, a B.Ed. College in Jaipur will not only help you become a better teacher and learn more, but it will also increase your income. Since the B.Ed syllabus is very simple, so studying for it won’t be difficult for you. If you put in some time and serious effort, you can easily pass the B.Ed. A growing number of new schools are opening each year, which is why there is a greater need for teachers in India.