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When it comes to advertising, the Big Apple is a treasure trove of captive audiences. Manhattan billboards line busy streets while foot traffic crowds sidewalks and cars, busses, and trucks idle in gridlocked traffic. With so many eyes wandering, it’s easy for your ads to get lost in the shuffle. Trying to create effective ad campaigns in New York City can be a challenge, but with a few simple guidelines, you can get the most out of your Manhattan marketing budget.

1. Partnering Up

One of the best things about New York City is the concentration of people. There are so many potential customers wandering the streets that it can become frustrating fighting for their attention. An excellent method of making headway is to look for partners within the community. No one knows more about the neighborhood than local businesses and public organizations, and working with them can help make the brand on your Manhattan billboards more recognizable.

Not only will you have a gateway into the community, but you’ll also be showing how your brand shares its values with its neighbors. New York City is comprised of many different demographics, but most are proud of their hometown. Knowing that your company is also invested in the community as a whole brings a whole new style of advertising to the table.

2. Manhattan Billboards

Real estate is of prime importance in the Big Apple, and if there’s one spot that’s perfect for advertisers, it’s Times Square. Almost every square inch of free space is taken up by a billboard or sign of some kind, some statically displaying their message while others flash a cacophony of light and sound. With the high number of pedestrians making their way through the area, all of those billboards are an effective way to get some notice.

Other commercial districts are excellent options for billboards as well. You may not want to compete for attention in Times Square, and other locations can be just as effective for different reasons. Signs near museums or shopping centers will draw different consumers than billboards in the business district. Think about your target audience and find an appropriate spot for your ads that will draw in the kind of clients you’re looking for.

3. Social Media

New York isn’t known as the city that never sleeps because of Starbucks. There is always some action around town that’s worthy of being Instagrammed, and your business can take advantage of these events. Social media can be a powerful tool, and in a community-based city like New York, it can be the kind of leverage that gets your business noticed.

Using social media is an effective way to target specific demographics, especially those that rely on those platforms for their personal interactions. Exchanging static Manhattan billboards for digital ones will allow your company to interact with clients in real time, displaying posts, current events, and even live feeds that showcase your business’s tech-savvy side. Potential customers will appreciate the extra personalization while you reap the rewards.

4. Bus-Based Ads

Manhattan is a public transportation city. Busses convey office workers on their morning commute, picking up and dropping off countless individuals as they patrol the streets. While they may be an inconvenience to motorists, they are very good ad getting noticed by pedestrians and drivers alike. Instead of looking at the bland side of a bus, all of that attention could be focused on your branding.

The side of a bus has about the same surface area as standard Manhattan billboards, but with the added feature of mobility. Transit advertising can turn these mammoth motorcades into your own personal automated ad campaign. It’s always a good idea to determine a bus’s route as well since different marketing techniques work with specific demographics. Tailing your message to the community the route traverses will help gain more attention than a standard, unfocused ad.

5. Current Events

Staying in touch with the community via Facebook is one thing, but social media only gets you so far. Leverage local events to help you market to specific groups and organizations, but don’t limit yourself to conferences specific to your industry. Branch out into other venues to target a broader audience. Sporting events, concerts, and expositions are all potential marketing platforms, and Manhattan is such a hub of culture and diversity that you’re sure to find an event that compliments your branding.

Mixed Market Messaging

There’s no one best way to advertise in New York City. An effective advertising campaign needs to be spread over different types of media to reach the largest audience. Seek out local contacts so you can make headway in the community while also taking advantage of billboard and transit ad space. New Your City is filled to the brim with curious and compassionate people, and with the right strategy, you can make your brand an integral part of the magic of Manhattan!

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