Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Thanksgiving is one of the best times to squeeze in a memorable family vacation. Many schools and employers give ample time off so it is an excellent time to plan a restful and memorable escape. Whether you want to try to grab some extra sun and fun before winter sets in, or you want to get a jump on experiencing a winter wonderland, there are great options for every family. The following five ideas are sure to make your whole family excited to get away and will make your next Thanksgiving one of the best.

  1. Tropical Cruise

A family cruise is one of the easiest and most fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s an ideal vacation for people who want to soak up some sun and not have to think about planning every detail of visiting different tropical destination points. There are so many wonderful cruises from Miami to choose from, you are bound to find different islands you have never had the chance to visit before.

Cruise vacations for Thanksgiving are also the best idea for people who might not want to cook the traditional full Thanksgiving meal. Celebrating the holiday over a gourmet meal that you didn’t have to prepare very well might be the highlight of the vacation. You should definitely consider booking a tropical cruise if you love to see lots of sights and sounds while enjoying warmer climates.

  1. Mountain Escape

If you prefer something quieter for the holiday then look for a secluded cabin tucked away in a beautiful mountain setting. Whether it is the Catskills, Appalachia, or the Rockies, cozy and picturesque cabins abound. You can plan ahead to bring all the food and supplies you need to create the perfect Thanksgiving meal in your cabin. You can also plan your entertainment by loading up with your favorite movies, family board games, and puzzles to really make some amazing memories during your time away in the mountains.

  1. Ski Getaway

For the sporty family, a ski vacation is a super fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving. You will get lots of exercise and action-packed adventure on the slopes and still have the chance to get in the holiday spirit because of all the beautiful snow surrounding you. Nothing sounds better than enjoying a hefty turkey dinner after a full day of hitting the slopes. You can top each day off wrapped up near a fireplace and sipping on your hot chocolate.

  1. Lakeside Living

Being near water can truly be therapeutic for people, but getting to a beach isn’t always the most convenient option. If waterfront vistas are something your family enjoys then consider renting a house at a nearby lake. Preparing your Thanksgiving feast at a lakeside retreat will be just as enjoyable as doing it from home. Then you also get the bonus of getting to enjoy the scenery and beautiful lake views. Depending on where the lake is located you might even have the chance to cruise the lake by boat if the weather is warm enough.

  1. City Adventure

Last but not least is a classic holiday adventure in a big city. New York City is probably the most infamous with all the holiday fanfare that awaits you around the holiday. Seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is certainly a bucket list item that everyone will enjoy experiencing. Just imagine getting to squeeze in some ice skating in Rockefeller Square and enjoying a spin through Times Square after eating a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner provided by your hotel. Don’t forget that you will also be in a prime spot to get some early Christmas shopping done as well.

Make the most of your holiday schedule by planning an exciting vacation over Thanksgiving this year. All you have to do is figure out the best style getaway for your clan and then be ready to let the good times roll. It’s always fun to shake up your holiday routines, and this year is the perfect opportunity to visit someplace new.

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