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Nobody wants to age, right? It’s one of the few things that everybody on the planet has in common. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to maintain your young-looking skin! 

Anti-Wrinkle Injections 

Firstly, you can get CST Direct anti-wrinkle injections in Brisbane. If you’ve never had injections before, you might wince at this tip and move straight on to the next one. However, the niche has gone through many enhancements over the years which has made injections easier than ever. 


Currently, they’re the most popular cosmetic treatment in Australia (and it’s not hard to see why!). Essentially, puffed protein is injected into the facial muscles to soften the wrinkles. Whether you want to remove wrinkles on your forehead, around the eyes, or another location, the service is tailored to you depending on your skin, age, muscle strength, and other factors. 

Use a Collagen Face Cream 

When most people read about collagen face creams, they see the price and forget the product. Although these creams do come with a heavier price tag, it’s worth the investment because they normally contain collagen while also encouraging the skin to produce more natural collagen. Therefore, it attacks the problem from two angles. 


Depending on the product, you might also find various botanical extracts and peptides to keep your skin looking younger for longer. 

Apply SPF 

Although this tip might sound obvious, a surprising number of people still don’t apply SPF to their skin. In Australia especially, this causes problems. In particular, pay attention to the eyelid because this skin is extremely thin compared to other areas. With SPF protection, your skin has a barrier against the sun’s UV rays. You might not tan as quickly, but this is a small price to pay for younger-looking skin. 

Remove Makeup Gently 

Is there anything better after a long evening than taking off your makeup and climbing into bed? Regardless of your excitement, it’s always best to take your makeup off carefully. The more you pull, tug, and scrub, the more likely you are to increase sagging around the eyes. 


When removing your makeup, rub gently around the eyes because this can really make a difference. Though a simple tip, this is something you’re likely to do each day. Therefore, the positive effects will soon build up over time. 


As a bonus tip, why not try a cleansing oil or balm? After applying this product, you just need to wait a couple of minutes and then wipe gently. The oil/balm makes the makeup easier to remove and should reduce the need for scrubbing. Now, you can jump into bed for a restful sleep without damaging your skin. 

Drink Water 

Sadly, those who clicked on this article to learn about all sorts of extravagant formulas and tips will be disappointed here because drinking water sounds so boring. Yet, this is one of the best tips for overall health and well-being that most people ignore. Without water, your skin will get dehydrated, and this causes a dull, dry look. Over time, this will highlight aging and wrinkles (not what you want!). 


By staying hydrated, you can constantly replenish the cells and tissues in your skin. Thankfully, this leads to younger-looking skin. Just in case you’re wondering about the other benefits of drinking water, here’s just a sample of what to expect: 


  • Higher physical performance 
  • Improved brain function 
  • Higher chance of weight loss 
  • Joint lubrication 
  • Oxygen delivery around the body
  • Headache prevention 
  • Constipation relief 


Who knew that water was so powerful? 

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