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Advancements in technology have prompted big organizations and enterprises to implement newer and more advanced technologies. Cloud technologies make it possible for anyone to remotely store, retrieve and share data with anyone in the world.

Large corporations are massively moving to adopt cloud technology to their business. In the US alone, 96% of all enterprises utilize some form of cloud computing. This is proof that technology has experienced rapid growth over the years.

Many people see the cloud as this “haven” or a “bunker” untouchable by hackers; this is false. According to a study conducted in 2011, hackers target corporations at least 18 times every three minutes. The average cost of a data breach to a corporation is at least $3 million, and that figure could go as high as $8 million.

Of course, no company wants to pay out $8 million to some hacker in a basement. The best way to avoid such data breaches is to equip your cloud systems with industry-leading security features. 

This article discusses the top five reasons why cloud security is highly protected. If you’re still not yet hooked to the cloud, we highlight one of the cloud technologies that can help you migrate your business information to the cloud.

The Benefit of Accelerated Cloud Adoption


If you’ve finally decided to implement cloud technology in your business, how then do you go about it? There are numerous cloud transformation services out there, but only a few offer the best cloud transformation services

Amaze® does a great job helping new customers migrate their business to the cloud at an accelerated pace. Amaze® offers users optimized services to ensure that enterprises undertake traditional application modernization smoothly. They also provide you with excellent automation tools that help to checkmate malicious actors.

Significant benefits of Amaze® include; Increased efficiency in delivering application transformation, reducing the impact to business functionality during transformation, and being very customizable to suit users’ needs.

What is Cloud Security Important


1. It Helps Prevent Data Breaches

One of the most critical reasons cloud security is important is that it helps prevent data breaches. Way back in 2009, Rockyou was hacked, and the hackers released the emails and passwords of over 32 million users. 

You might think data breaches are inevitable, but the funny thing about the Rockyou hack is that the passwords were stored in plain text, completely unencrypted. However, if you migrate your business data to the cloud, you’re assured of round-the-clock protection. 

Cloud providers spend massively on training and recruiting security analysts. When you port over to the cloud, you can rest assured that your data is safely stored

2. Cloud Providers Invest Massively In Security Innovation

One major reason cloud security is highly protected is that cloud providers spend tons of cash improving their security architecture. Most cloud providers have their entire business architecture in the cloud; they can’t afford to let security slide.

Cloud providers don’t just provide customers with a hosting environment to store data; the same platform also plays host to the PaaS and SaaS services that contribute to the complete functionality of the organization. As a result, these organizations prioritize cloud security far above all other aspects of the company.

These guys spend billions in security research, innovation, and protection because just one bug in an organization’s computing system can shut down the organization for days. Little wonder Cyber Security analysts earn so much. Some cloud providers go as far as offering cash rewards to security researchers who successfully find a flaw in their security architecture.

3. It Helps in Disaster Recovery


Cloud security is essential to businesses because it’s a great disaster management tool. Before the advent of cloud technology, companies stored large chunks of data in files, cabinets, or traditional servers. In the event of a natural disaster like a flood, fire, or even an earthquake, files stored in those traditional formats would undoubtedly be lost if not properly secured.

However, companies with their data safely stored on the cloud can easily retrieve those files, usually with just a couple clicks. Cloud providers offer businesses a great alternative to store and retrieve their data in real-time.

4. The Cloud Is More Resistant to Threats

Another important reason the cloud is highly protected is that it is very resistant to threats. Since the advent of computers, people have constantly developed a more innovative way to work their way around a security network. Even the most advanced security architecture on the planet can and will still be breached. This is because humans designed those networks; humans must make errors.

However, the cloud reacts stronger to threats than traditional data centers. Most top cloud providers install layered security defenses designed to detect the slightest of anomalies. These layered defenses pose multiple barriers for malicious actors who compromise the system. Even though they successfully tackle a barrier, they’re hit immediately with a more complex one.

Traditional data centers have inconsistent security infrastructure that mostly depends on the geography and age of the network. In contrast, cloud technology has a consistent homogenous security infrastructure that monitors and logs all actions detected in the system. 

5. The Cloud Stores Confidential Information

One reason why the cloud has to be highly protected is that it stores very vital user credentials. Most large organizations and even intelligence agencies like the NSA have some form of cloud solution implemented to help in managing data. Such data needs to be protected with the tightest of security measures to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. 

Vital credentials like user logins, cookie sessions, bank information, research data, etc., are all likely to be stored in the cloud. That’s why companies allocate large sums of money further to tighten the cloud security level.



Cloud computing is becoming one of the most popular technologies used by many businesses to date. Implementing cloud computing to your business comes with so many benefits. Although, remember that the cloud isn’t a haven. It’s still being targeted every minute that passes. 

Before employing a cloud transformation service to help migrate your business, make sure you understand the platform’s security architecture.

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