Mon. May 27th, 2024
career switch to data science

Data science helps businesses get to know their clients/customers better. This in turn helps businesses to successfully provide services to them. Data scientists receive generous pay, and for good reason. Anyone who works in the field of data science is already aware that it is one of the most fascinating professions in the twenty-first century. A data scientist is like a contemporary Sherlock Holmes. The skills you endow will be employed for a lot of digging into data. People that are inquisitive and enjoy solving puzzles will succeed in the field. Working with data allows you to play with knowledge. It allows you to conduct domain- oriented experiments.

This blog is for anyone who is looking for a change in career. Here are 5 major reasons for a career switch to data science.

Data Professionals Are In High Demand

Business analytics and data comprise one-fifth of the top talents, according to studies. Also these are the skills that employers are looking for the most. Data science has emerged as one of the industries with the greatest rate of growth. Over 650% growth since 2012 and a projected 230.80 billion dollar market by 2026. As a result, there are now many more job opportunities in the field and a greater need for qualified personnel. Business analysts, data scientists, and other data specialists are in great demand. In many different industries, big data has a significant impact.

An Ever-Evolving Field

The most valuable resource in the world, according to The Economist, has been replaced by data. This is another powerful reason to make a career switch to data science. The constant evolution of data science makes it such an appealing industry to launch a successful career. There are many new skills you’ll learn while making a transition into data science. This will enable you to use data to frame business plans and explore fascinating new areas of data science. The doors to fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and more are wide open to explore. The possibilities offered by data science will expand along with it.

Data Science is favourite of E-Commerce brands

The Indian e-commerce sector is making great use of data science. Customer habits change every day and every moment. In the race of getting an extra edge, E-commerce businesses are using data as their guiding torch in almost everything. Data science has thus become their most important asset when it comes to fulfilling customer demands. Data science helps retailers discover new ways to understand how to retain their “core” customers. Moreover, data science algorithms bring out advanced predictive models. This helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and reduce risk factors. There is a vast scope of data science in E-commerce.

Hard to beat Base Salary

You would automatically warrant an extraordinarily competitive base salary and growth window when you work in an emerging and highly sought-after field like data science. Especially when there is such a dearth of skilled data science professionals. Data science is no different. The average data scientist package in India is 8-10 lakh per annum. Other professions in data science also hit around the same average package. In terms of benefits, data science is one of the most highly paid professions that typically enables you to work remotely or in a hybrid mode. Other professions with comparable high average base wages, such as those in the medical, and engineering fields, often do not have this similar benefit.

Data Scientists are Highly Prestigious

To make yourself a valuable asset to the company, a career switch to data science is worth it. Data Scientists allow companies to make clever business decisions. Companies rely on Data Scientists and use their expertise to provide satisfying results to their clients. Data Scientists support any organisation with its expertise in various ways. They help deliver the relevant product, mitigate fraud and frame personalised customer experience. Apart from this, they also empower management to make better decisions. Data Scientists thus have a position of prominence inside the organisation.

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