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The winter season is the holiday season where we get together with our friends and family. Family parties, office parties and community get-togethers take place and we receive many invitations to those. It is a time to celebrate and have fun all in the cool of winter, where you can keep warm with a drink or two. When attending all these parties you can use the following 5 jewellery ideas for this winter.

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are generally large, with stones or carvings. The design can be termed as a little loud because the piece will stand out. It is a pronounced, large and flamboyant jewellery piece and historically had a large centre stone, surrounded by either metalwork or other stones. It is larger than any normal ring and is generally worn on special occasions. A large piece of jewellery on hands is impractical to wear and use every day.

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Brooches are decorative jewellery pieces and are used as an ornament or a clothes fastener. As a clothes fastener, a brooch is usually small and can be worn on a daily basis. But a large brooch with colour and decorative designs is usually kept for a special occasion. During winter parties you can use these to add aesthetic value to your looks.

Intricate jewellery

Intricately carved designed jewellery also can be worn for parties. These have a high level of craftsmanship and can work for special events. You may be wearing a lab grown diamonds engagement ring and you can pair your special jewellery with the rings that you wear. Rings and earrings are more of a daily wear piece and hence can be paired. Check out these different types of rings you can wear from Adinas Jewels that will sure make a sparkly statement.

Bright colours

Colourful baubles and jewels can be used on occasions like a winter party. Colourful gemstones, enamelled jewellery and coloured metals are great options. Gold and silver can be matched with beautiful stones, corals and enamels to create unique designs and styles. Sport these and look great for that party you were waiting for.

woman jewellery

Flashy pieces

Large, flashy pieces that you cannot normally wear daily can be used for winter parties. You can attract attention but don’t be afraid of that. Looking good or unique at large parties isn’t a bad thing. It will help you in creating a new circle of friends and have fun during a get-together.

Parties are great during winters and it gives you a chance to socialize or have romantic moments with a special someone. Enjoy seasonal dishes and have your fill of the holiday special food and drinks. You can have fun and enjoy the cuisines and dishes served while looking great. Jewellery will add to what you already have so you shouldn’t worry too much about jewels. It can make you stand out but so can your personality. The winters are full of occasions and people often organize parties to make use of the warm, cosy atmosphere and celebrate the local holidays.

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