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In many previous decades, there has appeared a staggering proliferation of modern overwriting and cutting across the genres that consist of novels, memoirs, short stories, poetries, ethnographies, etc. To enjoy pride month and ensure that the stories of the queer community are likely to be heard, we have presented a list of top 5 Indian books that are suggested to be read during especially during pride month. 

These books will help you understand the empathize with queer life in India, that are ranges from fiction to autobiographies. So, let’s start with the following books for your better understanding.

  • Best At It

The heartfelt and hilarious middle grade debut book Best At It  is about a gay Indian American boy coming into his ownThis is the story of Rahul Kapoor, who moves towards the seventh grade in a small town in India. The beginning of middle school is making him more anxious, so he turns to his favourite people in the world, such as his grandfather and brother for well-meaning advice. It is suggested that you have to choose the one task in which you give your best. The story is a funny, charming, and incredibly touching story of the friendship, family, and inspiration that take place in the living truth.

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  • The world that belongs to us

The author of the book The world that belongs to us is Akhil Katyal. It was the first type of anthology book that brought the best contemporary queer poetry books with well-known anthology features. The things in the book are arranged from the themes of desire and loneliness, intimacy, struggles, culture, language, and activism both on the streets and in the given and chosen homeland. It is an imaginative and beautiful testament book about diversity, politics, ethics, aesthetics, and queer life.


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  • Mohanaswamy

In the bookMohanaswamythe writer transformed his personal experience of shame, bigotry, and tragedy of a harrowing past into a a real and magnificent true story. His work will unnerve the other writers. After the choices made by him, the friends he made, and his loss suffered by him, the Mohanaswamy dreams only of living a simple life with dignity. A life that would help him to remain, never forget the fears and humiliation of adolescence, and still carries the star mind.


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  • Queer power

Queen power is the story boom of the activists, game-changers, across the rainbow hardcover. Here you are supposed to meet with some incredible humans who celebrate the modern-day trailblazers, icons, and champions to be shaped by the allies and well-known public wishes that are heard in this book.

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  • So now you know

So now you know is a memoir book that is written by Vivek Tejuja. This book was written at the time of 1991 when Vivek was only the age of 8. Here we read that he realised he was different from the others, different from the character played by Anupam Kher and other stereotypical gay characters. But later, he realized that he did not want to become Pinku. So, he starts to move towards a different way and speaks in his own voice. This book is heartwarming and heartbreaking at once. 


In this article, you get the names and information on the top 5 Indian books that are recommended to book lovers to read during Pride Month. All information related to the book is gathered from the relevant tools. If you want to get more informatics articles, visit our website continuously. 

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