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Math is such a subject which is considered to be the dry one. However, the tutor can help the students to learn math wholeheartedly by enhancing their level of interest. It is possible to make math classrooms more interesting and beneficial for students with the use of technology. Technology plays a splendid role in offering quality education to students. The arc length calculator is one of the most valuable online tools that add more worth to the math class.

Best Technology Ideas for Classroom

The classroom where students have excellent focus and a keen interest in the lessons is the best one. The risk of losing interest enhances in certain classes such as Physics, Maths etc. The technology took a step forward to rectify all such issues and grant valuable success to the students. Length on an arc can be determined with extreme accuracy with the use of an arc length calculator.

Design the Video Lessons

The visual approach makes the students grab the concept with ease. The teachers can make the video lessons that they can upload on the portal or present in the classroom on the multimedia. For instance, they can make a video lesson about the arc length calculator. In this, the teacher can explain arc length, calculate with the use of an arc calculator, and depict the working of the arc length formula.

Instant Determination of Progress

Kahoot is the app that let the students participate in the class activity for gaining more score. Hence, the teachers can get access to the performance of students instantly. The queries about the arc length formula and usage of the arc length calculator can be asked by students. Students who will excel in giving the right answer will gain points.

Online Classroom

The digital world demands the use of online classrooms for students. The teachers can use Class Dojo, Tiggly, Brain Pop or any other software for online math classes. Here teachers can track 

student’s progress for the homework and assignments quite instantly. Arc length formula calculator is an excellent source to calculate the arc length of sector area, segment or circle. It is a hub for the students where they can share their issues with the teacher and get the go through the coursework lessons quite fabulously.

Utilize 360 Degree Video

VeeR, NatGeo. Vimeo, Youtube etc., are free online platforms that offer educational videos. The teachers can take out the useful clip from these videos and can add on to their lesson. Hence, the learning would become easier, interesting and quick.


The policy of Bring Your Own Device is a useful one. It allows the students to carry their gadgets with them for learning purposes. Hence, they can take tablets, laptops and smartphones in the classroom and add more charm to their learning. Students can use an arc length calculator as many times as they like. The robust internet connection will allow students to get access to the arc length calculator. The teacher can quickly solve any ambiguity or confusion in the use of online tools when students follow the policy of BYOD.

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