Sun. May 19th, 2024

Are you among those who want to make your blog successful? Well, to express yourself through blogs, you really need to look for the essential elements that can help your blog to stand out from the queue and get the attention of the reader. Many things put an impact on the success of the blog. 

You may be thinking that your blog has all the vital information that a reader would be looking for, then what is making the reader skip your blog and find no interest in reading it all? 

Mere information or the solution to the query is not enough to hold the reader’s attention. There must be other elements that you need to focus on. Those elements will help in pulling your audience and retent them to read, like, and share your blog. 

Today, in this article, I will discuss those essential elements for making your blog successful. Let’s start with it!

Important Elements for Blog’s Success

1. Attention-Grabbing Title

Have you been to a sale at a mall and observed how they grab your attention to get their products to get sold? If yes! then take note of them. While you write a blog, focus on the title of your blog. It is the most important element to hold the attention of the reader. If your title can get a click on your blog then there are chances that the reader will look for the solution to his query. 

The second thing to keep in mind is only a title is not sufficient. For example, in malls they write “get 10% off” but when you go to get the stuff, the quality isn’t like buying it. So, that 10% that grabbed your attention will not compel you to buy that product. 

Similarly, if you are grabbing attention through a good title, make sure your content under it must be as attractive as the title. Yes! there is a lot of competition out there to beat. There is great importance of user-generated content in digital marketing. 

Therefore, you have to be unique, relevant, and attractive with the content at the same time. So, first and foremost to make the blog successful- make your title and content attention-grabbing and relevant for readers to get all the answers to their questions.

2. Appealing Writing Format

You have a great title and content, but your presentation isn’t appealing. Would it hold the reader to read your blog? Maybe not! Your writing format must be visually appealing. Here visually appealing means that it should be systematically well framed, with proper margins and spacing. To add on, writing in bullets and numbers can help the reader to get the information effectively. 

However, it depends on the website also. Some of the blog writings require paragraphs not a pointer style of writing. Now, you need to be very careful about how you are presenting the paragraphs. As a reader, you would not like to read big lengthy paragraphs. Right? 

So, what you can do is keep the length of the paragraph short. Here short means, 2 to 4 lines in one paragraph are enough. Keep them in small chunks to help the reader digest the information easily. You see, establishing communication with the reader is very important. There are 7Cs of communication that helps you to understand how to put across your information as per the reader’s point of view. This will enable the reader to understand it more precisely and would be willing to read it further. 

The other thing to keep in mind while making an appealing writing format is the word count. It is still a controversial topic as to how much of word-count is appropriate for a blog post. Some say less than 500 words others say more than 1000 to 2000 words are best for blog posts. 

But I personally think, it is good to decide on your own or as per the requirement of the blog topic. Some topics need in-depth information in comparison to other relevant topics. Make sure you know how to create an appealing writing format to make a blog successful. 

3. Attractive Images

Humans are bound to be visual creatures. That makes complete sense to include images in your blog post to make it easy for the reader to understand the context of the blog. Attractive images catch the attention of the reader. That is what we need, Right? 

For example, using a social media like Facebook, if there is a simple text with a link. Would it get a click? or the one that has a vibrant image and the link below. Which link would get a click? Of course, the visually attractive one and not just plain text. 

Similarly, if you are writing a blog, make sure that you focus on creating infographics, and images that help in holding the reader’s attention and lure them to read it further. 

Attractive images enable readers to get a clue about the topic easily and quickly. Moreover, a blog with images will make readers scroll through the whole blog and build excitement to read the blog with enthusiasm. 

4. Solid Content

You have a good title, a great writing format, and amazing images But! poor content. Sounds weird? Of course! Content is the ultimate game changer. Your content can decide your reader’s interest in your blogs. If you are generating solid content for your audience then you are nowhere going out of the competition. 

Solid content is a foundation for your audience retention. No grammatical errors and no spelling mistakes should be there in your blog. The weaker your content, the lesser the audience retention rate. The reader will presume that your content is spammy and will skip it anyway in the future as well. 

Make your content error-free. Write it like a professional. Avoid plagiarism and paraphrasing of content. Make sure you are not using jargon extensively. All these tips will help you write content that is convincing, and appealing and will retain your audience. Solid content will gain the credibility, trust, and loyalty of your reader in your blog. Hence, help in making your blog successful. 

5. Appropriate Interlinking

To make the reading experience better, another important element is interlinking. The use of internal links and external links should be relevant to the blog topic. Irrelevant interlinking makes the search engine confused. This leads to lowering your webpage ranking. Thus, making your lesser visibility of your blog. 

On the other hand, when you do an appropriate interlinking, things will fall into the right places. Your ranking will be improved, your blog will be visible for more readers to click on, and there are greater chances for your blog to be successful. 

Keep in mind that you are choosing the right anchor text for linking purposes. For example, if your anchor text is “easy DIY tips for beginners” and you are linking it to “best beginners guide for better career options”. That is completely out of context and irrelevant. Therefore, use correct anchor text with appropriate interlinking to make your blog readable by the audience at mass. 

To Wrap Up! 

In conclusion, a blog’s success solely depends on the elements used in it. Only writing and publishing will not take your blog to attract an audience. You really need to consider other things too. You have to frame the content according to the relevant audience, look for attractive images, and do appropriate interlinking. 

Apart from this, you really need to focus on the keywords and their relevancy. Also, it is very essential to put the call to action at the end to guide the audience to jump to the next course of action. This helps the reader what to do next. Like, visit your website, order your product, or comment below. 

If you follow these 5 essential elements, you will be a successful blogger in no time. Do execute these elements and make your blog post readable by your target audience now. 

Author Bio: Jessica Robinson loves to write interesting and knowledgeable blogs regarding business management, education and life to satiate the curiosity of her lovely readers. Currently, she is serving as a content manager at the ‘Speaking Polymath’. Every piece of content that she writes demonstrates her immense love and passion for her profession.