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Mobile Legends is the hottest game on handheld devices. This three-lane MOBA is as fun as it is competitive. You can select your favorite champion, build it however you want, and use your skill to beat the opposing team.

In a game of strategy and skills, knowing every detail within the game and getting mlbb boosting is essential. Many beginners do not learn how to take advantage of the little things that Mobile Legends provides to win the game. For this reason, we decided to give you five super easy tips with which you will go from being a rookie to a professional in the game.

Dominate a few champions to the maximum

There is a misconception within MOBA games; people often believe the best players are the ones who can dominate all the available champions. In reality, few gamers can handle a large pool of characters perfectly.

If you are a beginner and what you are looking for is to become a better player, do not try to dominate all the characters; instead, dedicate yourself to getting to know only a few very well.

Mobile Legends is a game that will require hours of dedication. It’s wiser to invest that time in perfecting your technique to the maximum with a few champions to become one of the best.

You need to think about what characters you will select. We recommend two things:

  • Single Role: You can focus on learning a few characters from a specific role, just five tanks, five assassins, or five supports. Of course, this means that this will be your role for the entire competitive scene.
  • Variety of Roles: Some players control a few heroes but vary in roles. They dominate at least one character from each role, so you never lose face if you need to fill out a team.

If your idea of ​​becoming a better player is to go pro and compete in eSports leagues, you should focus on your role.


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Understand your role

Many Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players fail in their quest to be better because they don’t dedicate themselves to understanding their role and just go around trying to kill their enemies.

An essential aspect of any MOBA is that each player has a role, and each role is crucial to obtaining victory. For example, the support supports the players and defends them from dying so quickly, and a tank initiates and endures the first blows of battle.

The gameplay of ​​Mobile Legends gives better opportunities to teams where everyone does their job to achieve the ultimate goal. If you’re skeptical, you can check the Mobile Legends odds in a sportsbook, and you will discover that synchronized teams are fan favorites.

Watch tutorials on how to be a better support player or search pro-gamers videos and study how they perform their role.

Combos, equipment, and strategy

Once you have mastered character abilities and know your role, it’s time to learn combos and develop strategies according to the composition of your team and that of the enemy.

Having full game knowledge is not easy, and it will take time to get used to it, but you will become a better player.

  • Analyze the items and their operation
  • Look at the opposing team’s composition and create a plan based on their weaknesses
  • Equip yourself to carry out the plan
  • Combine attacks to create individual combos or interact with your teammates’ combos. Communication is key.

Lane pushing

A good lane push allows you to earn more money and gain experience faster, giving you a competitive advantage over the opposing team. Your goal will be to destroy as many minions as possible.

To your better understanding,  you can do the following:

  • Lane push: Be faster than your enemy by killing minions and make yours push their lane deep. You will deny farm, gold, and experience to your enemy, which gives you an advantage in a 1vs1 match.
  • Lane freeze: Freezing the lane helps keep minions on your side of the arena. You do this to avoid being caught off guard by other players. Another reason to freeze your lane is to force your enemy out of their comfort zone.

Supporting your team in other lanes is a good idea if you have a significant minion advantage over your enemy.

Communicate with your team

Communication with your team can never fail, and good communication is needed for all your teammates to be on the same page.

Use pings, write in the chat, or make a call, everything you can to improve communication channels. We assure you that your games will improve if you apply this advice and the previous ones.

By alex