Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Over the past few years, technology has transformed teaching and learning. During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, online video-based teaching entered the education industry. Although educational institutions have since resumed offline teaching, the convenience of the internet has inspired students and teachers to continue using the innovative online video education platform to bridge gaps in learning and tutoring. 

According to statistics, e-learning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%, and the global e-learning market is expected to be worth $325 billion by 2025.

So, knowing what features of an online video platform are most beneficial to us is critical. This article will provide five compelling features we should look for in an online video education platform.

So, let’s get started! 

What Is an Online Video Education Platform?

From a student’s perspective, an online video education platform is a place to find educational content and search for and purchase courses or entire educational programs. In contrast, it is the place to deliver knowledge from an educator’s standpoint.

In other words, it is a computerised information system that provides a secure learning environment in which students can take online courses, and instructors can create, host, deliver, and sell online courses.

5 Compelling Features To Look For In An Online Video Education Platform

Considering the following five key features of e-learning services is essential when selecting the right online video education platform for your business:

  1. DRM Encryption

Encrypted video streaming ensures only those with permission and access can view the e-learning content. This builds user trust, which influences engagement and retention.

When choosing an online video education platform, make sure it supports DRM encryption, which secures the premium content by encrypting it during decoding such that it can only be decrypted on a platform-compatible video player.

  1. Dynamic Watermarking On Video

With dynamic watermarking, a digital watermark such as an image, logo, or some text is placed over videos dynamically—the watermark may change in size, shape, or location frequently without interfering with the user’s learning experience. This makes the watermark difficult to crop or remove and greatly reduces the likelihood of your content being pirated.

A dynamic video watermarking feature on an excellent online video education platform adds an extra layer of authentication because it is much more difficult to remove from content than a static watermark.

  1. Online Video Player Compatible with All Devices

Device compatibility ensures a better overall user experience. You can keep your videos distraction-free by embedding video lessons on your website or mobile app. As a result, it creates a pleasant experience for students and teachers, and they can access the online video education platform using various devices and bandwidths.

As a result, your preferred platform must include an online HTML5 video player and be device-independent, i.e., capable of smoothly streaming videos on all modern devices and browsers.

  1. Video API For Custom Integration

Video API allows you to integrate video into your business, enhance mobile apps, and even build a proprietary video content management system.

An excellent online video education platform for students must include a video content management API that allows easy integration with various cloud video applications. Your video content, as an API, should be accessible from a feasible DRM License server using any programming language.

  1. Video Analytics

Organisations must do more than just upload on-demand videos or secure streaming live videos. Determining your audience and engagement statistics is crucial to creating better overall content for users. These insights also allow organisations to implement strategies for increasing or decreasing reach.

An online video education platform‘s video analytics feature can help you determine which types of content are performing best, which topics are gaining traction, and whether existing content needs to be expanded or supplemented.

Wrapping Up

When building or choosing a secure video hosting platform, ensure it offers the features mentioned above. Having such a high-functioning secure platform in your system allows your organisation to reach a larger audience and thrive in the ed-tech space.