Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

cosplay has always been a hobby for many people, whether it’s a global epidemic that keeps people at home; But for ordinary people, cosplay is a very expensive activity. Because if you buy a new costume every Halloween, I think that’s a lot of money to spend. Not everyone can afford that. Now, as more and more people lose their jobs due to the global epidemic, we can still feel that every cosplayer has a desire for creativity, and cosplayer is trying to save as much money as possible to meet their Cosplay dreams. In any case, here are 5 ways to save money to recommend to you/

1. Recycling

In fact, there are many different ways to remake old Cosplay Costumes and rebuild them into new Cosplay Costumes. If you plan your future role in advance, the previous white or other colors of clothes, you can cut them down and make your new clothes according to your heart Cosplay Costumes idea. In this way, your old clothes can be used for multiple different role plays after your cutting. This will save you a lot of time and money.

2. Thinking outside the box

Sometimes, some objects around you, such as boxes or objects that usually don’t attract your attention, are good ideas for making Cosplay Costumes. In fact, you can find a lot of clothes accessories in cardboard and boxes, and then after your processing, they will become your useful objects and be used in cosplay. The main thing is that these items are really easy to get. I’ve seen someone make a hat from a can before. Therefore, as long as you have enough differences, you can’t find the object you want to make your own Cosplay Costumes

3. Selling the old, to fund the new

Compared with buying second-hand Cosplay Costumes, I think selling old Cosplay Costumes you don’t wear anymore is your best way. It can really provide a good way for capital turnover for your next Cosplay request. I have some suggestions on how to sell your clothes. First, if possible, take pictures of your role-playing part in natural light and list all measurable dimensions. You can try selling (and buying) on Facebook and twitter. 

4. Team up with friends

If you have friends around you who also enjoy cosplay, then working together on cosplay is to everyone’s benefit. I’ve been shopping for Demon Slayer Costumes with my friends Perhaps one person is a capable tailor, and by working together, you can take advantage of everyone’s special skills at the same time, even in different role-playing roles. To make everyone’s cosplay dream come true.

5.simple costume

Cosplay doesn’t have to be very elaborate clothes, but it can also be some very simple cosplay costume. These simple cosplay clothes are easy to buy and make. If we are really struggling financially, maybe we can lower our requirements and make some simple cosplay costume. In my opinion, simple clothes are fine as long as they satisfy your cosplay dreams