Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
5 Best Magento 2 Extensions to Boost Halloween Sales

With Holiday 2022 just around the corner, eCommerce businesses are from pillar to post to acquire new customers, retain the existing ones and convert each of their website visits. And Halloween, the fourth popular holiday just after Christmas, New Year, and Easter, turns it into a holiday shopping frenzy. 

According to the Deloitte annual holiday retail forecast, there will be a surge of 4-6% in Holiday spending this year compared to the previous year. Also, the eCommerce sales will go 12.8% through 14.3%, Y-o-Y, during the 2022 holiday season. This will make the holiday season worth between $260 to $264 billion this year. And the majority of this shopping starts just before Halloween. 

With these good numbers, and the massive revenue opportunity, the question is, is your Magento 2 store ready for the upcoming Halloween?

We have compiled a list of the top 5 Magento 2 extensions that will help your store boost Halloween sales in 2022. 

  • Mega Menu

From the clock ticking on Halloween to the stress of finding the perfect gift, customers yearn for better navigation and easy product discovery. Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension does precisely the same. It equips your store with a dynamic navigation menu and lets you create custom horizontal and vertical menus and sub menus for a better search experience. 

  • Advance Promotions

New or existing customers, everyone wants to feel privileged to shop from your eCommerce store. Holidays are when every retailer offers unmatched discounts to its customers to stand out from its counterparts. But what makes your store special? What are you offering your customers that the others are not? The Advanced Promotions Magento 2 Extension helps store owners create special discounts, customized offers, and personalized cart rules for their customers. Take your holiday promotions to the next level with relevant offers, combo discounts, and custom rules. 

  • Partial Payments Pro

Facilitate customers to convert through your eCommerce store by giving them the option to partially pay for the gifts for their loved ones this Holiday season. The Partial Payments Pro Magento 2 Extension lets your buyers purchase the products without paying the amount in full at the time of checkout. Instead, you can give them options to pay in installments, layaway plans, and EMIs to offer flexibility and render customer satisfaction. 

  • Store Pick up

With too little time to find the perfect holiday gift, most customers want to control the shipping time and methods. The Store Pickup Magento 2 Extension caters to that very same expectation. It lets the customers acquire their purchases at a super-fast pace at a convenient time. In addition, store pickup allows customers to order online and pick it up at the nearest store, leveraging the in-store shipping option, and elevating the overall customer experience. 

  • Shop by Look

The Holiday season is a fantastic opportunity to skyrocket revenue for every eCommerce owner. So, take this chance to increase your average order value by leveraging the power of cross-selling. Flaunt how multiple products look together and go together by creating an intuitive combo product display using the Shop by Look Magento 2 Extension. 


These are just some of the top Magento 2 Extensions that can be leveraged to boost your Halloween sales. In addition, MageDelight offers an exhaustive list of advanced extensions to aid you during the best of the preps for the upcoming Holiday season 2022. From promotions to offers, personalizations, pricings, checkout, payment gateways, instilling customer loyalty, easing navigation, and omnichannel store requirements, these extensions help you bring out the best of your eCommerce business to your customers. So, without further ado, serve your customers with the best eCommerce customer experience this Holiday season with the best Magento 2 Extensions in the market.