Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Summertime is all about spending time outdoors and enjoying sunny days with your family and friends. However, sometimes it can get pretty hot outside, and can have you and your guests constantly going back and forth from your backyard to inside your cool and breezy home. 

If you are looking to upgrade your home this year, a screen magnetic door can be just the accessory you need to bring the outside in, and help make your life more convenient. A magnetic screen door will make your life easier by offering hands-free entry, and by giving you complete and easy outdoor access. Plus, it’s also simple to install. Read on to discover 5 benefits of having a screen magnetic door for your home. 

Easy Outdoor Access for People and Pets

One of the top reasons why homeowners love adding a magnetic screen door to their space is that it gives them easy outdoor access that is ideal for year-round use. A high-quality magnetic screen door can be used on almost any doorway that measures up to 32×82 inches. Simply attach them on fixed, sliding, metal or wooden doors for the best results. 

The best magnetic screen doors are durable, and are also kid-friendly as well as pet-friendly. This way your little ones can go in and out with ease, and your fur babies can go outside as they please. This easy access is perfect for animals who are potty training, as you no longer have to open the door for your pup every time it wants to go out.

Bring Fresh Air and Light Into Your Home

A magnetic screen door can also be used year-round so that you can bring fresh air and light into your home in all seasons. Most wooden and metal doors block natural light and air flow from entering your home, which means your electricity bill goes up, because sunlight is unable to enter your space. Then you must rely on fluorescent lighting and light bulbs for all of the light in your home.

With a magnetic screen door, simply attach it in a place where the sun shines and enjoy as the beautiful sunlights pours into your space. Whether it’s a cool autumn breeze, or crisp spring air, you will love the sensation of bringing the outdoors in for a bright and cozy ambiance. 

Keep Insects Out 

Another key benefit of having a magnetic screen door for your home is that you can bring the outdoors in, while keeping any pesky insects out. Watch The best magnetic screen doors are made with a fine, heavy duty mesh that will allow you to see outside, but will also block any nature dwellers from coming in. This way you can rest assured that your magnetic screen door will survive the test of time.

Convenient No-Hands Entry

The right screen magnetic door is built with a high-quality mesh with reinforced edges, as well as a middle seam with magnets that lets you walk in and out with ease. This way, if you are holding your baby or a plate of food, you can simply walk through your door without having to turn any handles, giving you the convenience of no-hands entry. This is perfect for a summer BBQ or a pool day, where you will have people going in and out of your home.

Simple Installation

Last but not least, one of the best features of a high-quality magnetic screen door is that it can be easily installed. The best hanging screen door curtains will come with all of the tools you need and can be installed in just four quick steps. 

First, you must clean the door frame and lay your screen door down so that you can align all of the magnets shut. Then, hold the screen door up to the top of the door frame and get ready to attach it. For the last step, use either the hook and loop tape or the thumbtacks to attach your magnetic screen door to your door frame. If you need any help, the best magnetic screen doors will also come with an instruction manual and a video guide to walk you through the simple installation process.

Once your magnetic screen door is installed, you and your family can start enjoying nature’s beauty and all of the many benefits that this sleek door provides.

Final Remarks

All in all, having a magnetic screen door will make your life easier and will add many benefits to your home. Remember to measure your doorway before ordering, so that you can make sure that your new hanging screen door curtain will look aesthetically pleasing and be ready to use. You and your family will be sure to love all of the fresh air, sunlight, and easy access to the outdoors that a magnetic screen door provides for year-round enjoyment.