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5 Benefits of a Birds Eye View Camera and How they work

A birds eye view camera is one of the newest technologies in vehicles today. This type of camera provides a 360-degree view around your car or vehicle, giving you increased safety and convenience.

How does a bird’s eye view camera work?

A birds eye view camera system consists of multiple cameras placed strategically around the vehicle, typically on each side and in the front and back.

These cameras capture images and send them to a central processing unit which then combines the images to create a composite view of your surroundings.

The image is then displayed on a monitor or screen inside the car, giving you a top-down, 360-degree view.

Installation Process of a Birds Eye View Camera

Installing a birds eye view camera system involves various steps:

  • Firstly, the cameras are securely mounted at key points around the vehicle such as the front, back, and each side. It’s crucial to place these cameras at optimal positions to capture wide-angle images.
  • Next, the cameras are wired to the vehicle’s power source and connected to a central control unit. This control unit is responsible for processing the images captured by the cameras.
  • The control unit is then connected to a display monitor inside the vehicle. This monitor will show the composite image created by the control unit.
  • After the installation, the system needs to be calibrated. This involves driving the vehicle at a slow speed while the system processes and stitches together the images from each camera to create a seamless 360-degree view.

Remember that installation of such a system should be carried out by a professional to ensure optimal operation and safety.

Here are five benefits of having a birds eye view camera in your vehicle:

1. Improved Visibility

The most obvious benefit of having a bird’s eye view camera is improved visibility.

With this technology, you can see all around your vehicle without having to turn your head or rely on side mirrors.

This is especially useful when parking, reversing or manoeuvring through tight spaces.

2. Enhanced Safety

A bird’s eye view camera can significantly increase safety by providing a better view of potential hazards and blind spots around the vehicle.

It also helps in preventing accidents due to objects or pedestrians that may be out of your line of sight.

3. Convenient Parking

Parking can be a daunting task, especially in crowded areas.

A birds eye view camera makes it easier for you to park with precision and confidence as you have a complete view of your surroundings.

4. Improved Towing Experience

If you often tow trailers or boats, a birds eye view camera is an excellent tool to have.

It provides a clear view of your trailer hitch, making it easier to hook up and tow your cargo.

5. Increased Resale Value

Having a birds eye view camera installed in your vehicle can increase its resale value.

This technology is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are willing to pay extra for the added safety and convenience it provides.

Your insurance policy costs may also be reduced as a result of having this technology installed in your vehicle.

Do some vehicles come with birds eye view cameras already installed?

The answer is yes. Some manufacturers are now integrating this technology into new vehicles.

These cars come with built-in cameras and a display screen, providing you with a birds eye view without having to install an aftermarket system.

HGV industry vehicles like trucks, buses, and vans are also starting to integrate this technology to improve driver visibility and safety.

They also give industry owners the ability to track the location of their vehicles, monitor driver behaviour, and improve overall fleet management.


A bird’s eye view camera is a valuable addition to any vehicle. It provides:

  • Improved visibility,
  • Enhanced safety,
  • And convenience in parking and towing.

Additionally, having this technology installed can increase the resale value of your vehicle.

If you’re looking for ways to make your driving experience safer and more convenient, consider investing in a bird’s eye view camera system. So, upgrade your vehicle today and experience the benefits first hand!

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